Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tower Attacker!

Look at the lovely tower...just touching!!

Uh ohhhhh!!! The tower is under attack!

He leaves no survivers!!

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Will's favorite thing to do lately is knock down towers. He used to like building them, but now he is a little destroyer. He especially likes to be told to wait. It is not as much fun if we just out right allow him to do it! The other night, Will was in a different room and I built a tower for him. Jordan brought him in the room right before bedtime, and when he saw the tower, a gigantic smile moved across his face. He started to laugh and to skirm to get away from Daddy. He immediately knocked down the tower and went to bed. It was the cutest thing I saw in a long time!

Messy Eater!

Will really likes to eat stuffed ravioli shells from Costco. We eat them a few times a week when Jordan is gone because it is so easy to make! He actually eats the spinach in them! YEAH for veggies!

Shoveling the food in!

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Time for a tubby!

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Tubby Time

Will still LOVES tubby time! His favorite things to do include: crawling in and out of the tub, making bubbles from one of our cups that has a crack in the bottom, stacking cups (which he puts in order of size!), pouring water out of the different cups, and spending an hour in the warm water! He won't stand up when he is done being washed because he knows we pull him out!

Stacking cups

Singing "la la la la la"

Blowing air & spit through his lips.

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Warning: baby nudity
Will is in the tub. We are trying to get him to sing "la la la la la" but he is not as responsive as we would like! You can witness him singing, going up and down, spinning and falling out of the tub.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New haircut...


After going almost 10 months since my last one, I had to go get a haircut. I debated for awhile with what to do since I wanted a new style. I *ALMOST* even got highlights, but didn't plan ahead with my stylist. I am actually grateful it fell through since I think I would have regretted it! It took too many years and $$$$ before deciding to go back to my natural color in 2004 and I vowed never to waste that much money on my hair again until I gray!! I decided with a strait across short cut since I wanted a change from all the layers. Jordan, who I think is the only one, really likes my hair short and strait, so that is what I went with! My stylist said I can come back in a week to fix it if I still have reservations about the strait cut. We'll see! I would love a shorter hairdue or a sleek-cut one that I see some people getting lately, but my hair is so thick and poofy that it would never work out!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby in the Basket!

Lately Will loves to sit in the laundry basket! It started off being used as a method of playing Where's Will, progressed to be a stepping stool to reach higher things, and now is his favorite place to sit and go for a ride. He gets so excited to be pushed around in the basket and go "vroom vroom" around the house. He even started making a noise that sounds like vroom when he wants to be pushed around. Often times I walk in the living room to see him sitting in the basket when I know I left it in the laundry room. If the laundry basket has clothes in it, Will either chooses one of two options; either climbs in with the clothes if it is half-full or less, or dumps the clothes out to make more room for himself. I think this latest quirk is so cute!

Will is always with the finger in his mouth!

My Cutie Pie!
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Missing Daddy

Once again, Jordan is currently in Houston working. We are still trying to sell our house-almost 6 months on the market. His company has been great about Jordan commuting and will even extend the time we have to move to Houston if we need it due to the poor economy/housing market. While I am (obviously) thrilled not to move for at least another month, the time away from Jordan every other week is getting old. By Thursday of Jordan being gone, Will starts getting cranky. His favorite time is around 4:30 Friday when he gets up from his nap and Daddy is magically home! Here is a picture from last month's trip/reunion. Will is NEVER very snuggly, either, so this was really special to get on camera! Oh, and don't get too excited...Jordan did shave his goatee, but it is now back. Maybe on a day when he is in the dog house, I will post the hilarious pics of all the different styles he shaved before officially shaving it all off! ;)
We miss you like crazy, my love!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Kalahari Videos

Here is a video of Will going down the yellow slide from the pictures below. You can also see him play "down...up" with Daddy!

Here is a fun video of my mom playing "pretty pretty pretty" with Will. She normally wears a hat or something on her head. Will loves the way she does this. I especially like this video and deem it worth posting due to my sister Laura's wonderful presence. Love you La-u!

Kahari Dec. 2008

We had such a wonderful time at the Kalahari after Christmas. We went with my parents and two sisters and shared a two-room suite. Will was slightly sick, but we decided to go and try it out to see how he would do. If he was tense, we could go home, but since we already paid for it, we wanted to go. The first day at the water park, Will fell asleep on the lazy river. It was so cute...his little face kept bobbing in the water and it took everything to keep it out and block his little innertube from wild teenagers horse playing. I guess that is what you get if you go over winter break! We went once while school was in session and there was really no one there. This time the place was packed! We still had a super fun time especially since Jordan and I got to go on some rides!

These pics are kind of out of order. Here is my mom and Laura at dinner the last night. These are all right before Will vomited all over the hallway! SOOOOO embarrassing!

Our happy family enjoying a wonderful time visiting with my family before the big event. We have no idea what is in store for us-well, mainly me and my mom!

Will LOVES drinking water from the straw! He looks like a little birdie! He couldn't get enough!

Laura, Mom and Dad. Katie was sleeping in the room and missed the fun. And by fun, I mean vomit! Right after these pics, Will was fussing so my mom and I took him out in the hallway. He ran up and down it several times, had a coughing attack and then projectile-vomited all over the wall and fall three times. Since it was 8 at night, we rushed him up to the room, threw him in the tub to clean up, and went to bed. We didn't even get to eat dinner with my family! We left the next morning.

Bathing beauties: Laura and Katie

Will walking up the stairs to go down slides. He had more fun this time at the Kalahari! He took more risks walking around in the water and going down the slides!

Click the picture for enlargement! Look at his face!!! I also close my eyes and hold my breath when I am scared!

These little water spouts are Will's favorites. He loves to put his hands near them!

Will walking up the stairs to go on this little slide. Watch the video from it above this post!

I LOVE THIS FACE!!! Click it to enlarge it!
Will going down his first slide!

My Sweet Boy with Daddy in the water!

We loved spending time with my family here. We all had so much fun together, especially with Will. One of my favorite things that happened was when my sisters and I talked my mom into going on a water slide with us. They doubled up and my mom and I doubled up. They went down first, and then we went down second. The covered slide was a nice winedy one with hardly any drops but the end had a little waterfall before you shot out. My mom doesn't like to get her ears wet, so towards the end, I told her about the waterfall and covered her ears for her. She was freaking out about it and didn't pay much attention to hanging on to the raft. When we hit the pool at the bottom, she went torpedo-ing off of the raft and went underwater any way!! We all laughed so hard, I think we all peed! She must have loved the thrill, because we went again after!

Christmas Videos

Here is my Grandpa Mazur opening another "crappy" present! Everything he opens, regardless how nice it really is, is "crap." This year he did get crap!

Here is Will ripping apart a present!

Here is Will playing with his Elmo Live.

More Christmas!

Will getting his Elmo Live. He was a little weary of the other stuff it did other than the store demo. He now loves it and carries it around the house by its eye balls!
My beautiful sisters! Katie Baby and Princess Laura

They got a new family computer! Now they can check the blog regularly and leave comments...hint hint!

Katie and her high school sweetie of two years Andrew...aka Pookie! haa haa!

My mom with her favorite gift of all time!

Moving on up...

Here is a video of Will walking up stairs. It was one of the first times he did it about a month ago.
Now he is working on walking downstairs! MUCH SCARIER! Luckily, he only tries when there are three or less stairs! He seriously has zero hesitation when it comes to falling flat on his face!

Crazy Sleeper!

Lately Will has been sleep better interestingly!! He loves to put his foot up on the bumper. He also has to have a minimum of three pacifiers to sleep. One for his mouth and one for each hand. Unfortately, these are his comfort items! He also loves to have the glow worm and soft bunny above his head to play music while he falls asleep. He can do the glow worm by himself :)

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Computer Nerd in training....

Will absolutely LOVES the computer. Some days it is all he wants to do. He loves to watch his own videos on the blog and see all of his pictures, too. We are now trying to record SUPER long videos of him so we don't have to restart a video every 20-30 seconds. If you are bored by newer videos, sorry, but they are not really for YOU!! :) We also have uploaded his favorite cartoon, Super Why and the Super Readers, to the computer. We now have 30 minutes where he'll just lean back on the chair and put his feet up on the tray to watch TV on the computer! I'll get more recent pics of that soon. These are pics from last month.

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