Thursday, October 30, 2008

I made the news! Video link included!

I went shopping with my littlest sister and Channel 12 news asked me about why I was undecided about the election. I am the last sentence!

MILWAUKEE -- The election is just days away, and five percent of Wisconsin voters are still undecided.
The reasons voters are undecided vary, but the most common thread is that they’re not satisfied with either candidate.
Despite all the candidates’ rallies, speeches and debates, voters are still waiting for more information, according to Jon Carrico, who is with working America.
"Other people don't particularly like either candidate and are trying to decide which one they might like the least,” said Carrico.
One voter said she’s still stuck in the middle.
“There's so many issues out there. They both have good points and they both have bad points,” Schultz said.
But some voters said that they have a clear favorite, however, recent events are changing their opinions.
"Every other week they kind of go back and forth. A lot of voters like Palin now. She's been talking more about different ideas so it's kind of swaying stuff again,” said Ryan Ronk.
Other voters are tuning out campaign ads and news articles and intend to rely on their instincts.
"I guess when I get there, I'm just going to go with whatever my heart tells me,” said LeAnn Schaefer.

Be fore-warned: it is not the most flattering video :(
I did talk to them for about 8 minutes about what I like/dislike about both and how I am really split. I am conservative views in terms of abortion/marriage issues, but democratic views with healthcare, education, etc. She asked how will I decide when I go vote, and that is what I am quoted on. I sound quite dumb :(.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Halloween!

It is hard to believe these pictures were almost one year ago! Will was just about three months old and could not even sit up by himself and now it is climbing and running! We are looking forward to this Halloween! Will is going as Super Will (superman costume) and Jordan and are probably won't dress up. We'll be busy helping Super Will fly around to his theme song...dunnnn dun dun dun dunnnn...dun...dun..dun...dunnnn dun dun dun dunnnnnn....Super Will! Do you think it is too tacky to take Will Trick-or-Treating this year?
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Fun!

On Sunday night, we had a super fun night! We carved pumpkins and made caramel apples! It was Jordan's first time carving pumpkins (seriously)! Jordan, Laura, Andrew and I carved pumpkins while Will watched and ate snacks. He did get to feel pumpkin seeds and guts, but really did not like it! Sassy Katie didn't want to carve pumpkins so she also just watched.
We *attempted* to make caramel apples, too. They did not look very pretty, but they sure tasted great! We forgot to roll them in nuts while the caramel was still hot so the nuts barely stuck to each apple. In the morning, all of the caramel slipped down the apple and was on the plate :(
Which pumpkin is your favorite??
Check out our family photo album for more pics...they are under William 14 months!
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Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm!

We took Will to his first pumpkin farm last weekend. He had fun trying to escape from being placed in the middle of all the pumpkins. I wanted a picture of Will surrounded by all pumpkins, but we did not get the shot I was hoping for. He is not as cooperative as a scrapbooker's son should be!
His favorite thing to do was pull the wagons. We would carry him to look at something else, but as soon as those little feet touched the ground, he ran off to the wagons again. Needless to say, it was pretty tense to enjoy the pumpkin farm! We wanted to do a hayride, but it seemed there was no one else at the farm the time of day we went, and we thought it was closed until the evening hours :( Oh well, there's always next year!
In the picture of Jordan with Will, you can see one of his molars! Just click the picture to make it bigger!
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Katelyn's homecoming

My baby sister had homecoming this past weekend. Here is Katie with her boyfriend Andrew. Don't they look cute?

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Family Fall Festival

We went to Washington Co. Family Fall Festival a few weeks ago. Will got to paint his own pumpkin! It was quite a mess! Thankfully it was washable paint. Notice his finger marks running down the black paint? I tried to help him make a smiley face, but he smeared the paint over the whole pumpkin. Eventually we just made a black triangle! On the other side we wrote "Will", but it has since flaked off do to the washable paint!
Will also got to color (ie: eat crayons), pet animals at the petting farm, and run around outside. They have lots of other fun activites like stuffing a scarecrow, pumpkin bowling, and endless jumping toys, but Will is still too young for that stuff. We had a really nice time!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cute video of Will

Here is another cute video of Will from about a month ago. He is so much fun! I love that he can find something ordinary and make it become such a fun toy for himself. He is so good at entertaining himself.

Video of Will building a tower!

Here is Will in action building the tower.

Tower Builder!

Will loves to build towers! He especially likes using canned goods since the cans interlock with the bottoms and tops. The only draw back to canned goods are they are often heavy if they fall on toes or fingers! Stay tuned for a video!
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Teething Bites!

Will keeps cutting teeth! He has cut three molars in a nine days, and is still working on the fourth. He is so whiney and touchy with cutting these teeth! Sometimes he'll be playing and out of no where, start crying as though he really hurt himself. We'll go check on him and he'll have crocodile tears and a finger in his mouth. My poor baby.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Tina Fey v. Sarah Pain

Perhaps my favorite entertainment this fall is not so much the new episodes of my favorite TV shows, but the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin SNL skits. They are so dang funny. SNL has created three skits where Tina Fey acts as Sarah Palin in an annoucement with Hilary Clinton, an interview with Katie Couric, most recently, the VP debates with Joe Biden and Gwen Ifill.
I cannot get over how similar Tina Fey and Sarah Palin look! While I am still so unsure about which president I am voting for, one thing is for sure...I am sure going to miss Sarah Palin if the republican party loses! I am normally a democrat by most standards except abortion and marriage laws, but this election is harder for me to decide who should get my vote since the economy is such an important factor to us now. While I don't agree that Sarah Palin knows nothing about politics (hello, she somehow is the VP elect!), I can't imagine her one day running for president or falling into that role if McCain dies. One thing is for sure...I think she is adorable and that Tina Fey's impressions of her are even more adorable!