Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Special Blessing

Today was Will's Blessing. In our church, we wait until children are eight years old or older to be baptized when they are at the age of accountibility and can choose for themselves to be baptized. Instead of baptizing infants, we give a blessing. Jordan had the opportunity to give a Father's Blessing at church in the company of his brother and two grandfathers. Will's name is now on the records of our church, and with the priesthood, Jordan blessed Will with many things to come in his life, including a desire to know our Heavenly Father's love for him and to follow the spirit to decern right from wrong. It was really special for me to hear my husband give our son such a love-filled blessing. We were also so grateful that for those on both sides of our families who attended church. Jordan and I were able to bear our testimonies to our families and the congregation about our beliefs of our Savior, which was awesome for me since I am not given that opportunity very often! Everyone came over for lunch afterwards...we had tacos and things associated with tacos. Check out our family photo link for more pictures from our house!

A rare photo of just me and Will. Yep...he definitely looks like Daddy!

Our precious son in his blessing outfit (Thanks Jamie!). He is laying on the blanket that my grandma made for my mother when my siblings and I were baptized. My mother gave it to me for our children to use for their blessings.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Diaper Days

Will needs frequent diaper changes. So to make Mommy and Daddy's job a little easier, Will started to show us what type of diaper to expect when it's time to change him.

This morning he laid back, with one arm relaxed behind his head, and indicated with the other hand whether I would have to change a number one or a number two diaper. Clearly, you can see that I was lucky enough to only have to change a potty diaper!

What a sweet boy!
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Almost 8 weeks old!

This Wednesday, Will will be 8 weeks old. He is growing into such a big boy and is learning so much! He is starting to vocalize sounds now. When he gets excited or when I leave the room too long, he shouts out. It is really cute. I can't wait to hear what his voice really sounds like when he can say words!

What a BIG yawn! I love that his mouth takes up half of his face.

Tickle Tickle...Giggle Giggle!
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Too Cool

Due to Will's recent bout of fame from having his own website, he needs to travel around disguising himself as to not attract too much attention. So far, his laid back attitude and natural coolness cannot be contained or too easily disguised.
No, really, since we run errands mostly in the morning, the sun is right in Will's eyes. We recently bought him a child's pair of sunglasses, though they are a little too big right now. They don't quite stay on his head when placed behind his ears, so we placed them at this angle to keep them covering his eyes. Based on his "thumbs up," I think he likes them! What a cool-looking kiddo!
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Our Playful Guy

Will loves to play with Mommy everyday. He loves to stretch his arms and his legs, roll to the left and the right, and clap his hands and feet. Of course, he needs Mommy's assistance with these things, except for the stretching. He really enjoys listening to music and hearing Mommy sing some of his favorite songs. He loves to watch his mobile in his crib while it plays music, too. He is so sweet and smiley during playtime!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

All dressed up!

I managed to squeeze Will into this adorable outfit for possibly the last time for church. It is getting too cold and he'll be too chunky for the top of the shirt to button if I wait another month for him to wear it. Sunday, September 30th, Jordan will be giving Will a blessing at church (comparable to an infant baptism in the Catholic church, only without the baptism). I am hoping Will will behave a little better in church by then! At least he is cute!
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Updated Albums

Hey Everyone! Come look at our updated albums! There's pictures of me in a swing, in the bath, and in my crib. I look adorable in some, like when I am yawning really big or looking snuggly for the camera! Mommy goes crazy taking pictures of me hoping that I will smile again for the camera. I am holding out for a special occasion, or until she doesn't have the camera near by! I am about as sassy as they come!
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Daddy's Football Buddy

Jordan and Will love to watch football together. Jordan always wants Will to wear some type of Packer outfit on Sundays and faces Will towards the TV. If Will falls asleep, he tries to wake him and says only Mommy can sleep during football games. Will is already a sport fanatic in training!
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Swaddle Me Traveler

While we were pregnant, Jordan saw the Swaddle Me Traveler outfit and fell in love with it because the baby in the picture of it was so adorable! He hoped that one day our baby would be as adorable. Jordan received it for Father's Day and couldn't wait to put it on Will ever since. We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and finally got a chance to use it since it was cold outside. It is so warm and he just loved it. I have to admit, Will is WAY cuter than the Swaddle Me Traveler baby!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

6 Weeks!

Today is William's 6 week birthday! He is such a big boy already! Everyone who sees him cannot believe he is only 6 weeks since he is such a chunk! He is already starting to develop skills like grabbing Mommy's hair and not letting go, standing with balance support-such strong legs, like Daddy's, and bouncing while standing. He is starting to "coo" and may actually develop a liking for communicating-unlike Daddy! He loves to listen to music, take a bath, and look all around at his surroundings. He loves his pacifier and being held: he is such a snuggly boy! He loves to eat and throws a fit if he doesn't eat every two hours during the day. I tried taking him shopping today, but he didn't last very long before he fully exercised his lungs to tell me he was starving! We love having this little boy in our lives and cannot believe we have been parents for 6 weeks. It has gone by so quickly, yet feels like we have been doing it forever (maybe on account of lack of sleep!).
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Photo Albums are updated!

Check out our Family Photo Album...there are tons of pictures updated, including Will's birth. We will be constantly adding photos as we take them, so feel free to check the albums frequently!
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tax Deduction

Well...when all else fails, we can remember that at least he has one good attribute!

Thanks Uncle Kevin and Auntie Mary!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Will's First Smile!

At almost 6 weeks old, Will had his first smile today! He has "smiled" before when he is almost asleep and when he has gas, but never with his eyes open or as a result of being happy! We were playing together and he gave me the biggest smile, so I immediately ran to get my camera! He smiled again (ok...I guess this is technically his second smile) and I was able to capture it for his hard-working Daddy and the website! What a sweet boy! I cannot wait to see this precious smile again!
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Handsome Men

Jordan and Will are all dressed up for church. We found Will the cutest dress up outfit: blue corduroy shorts with suspenders, a blue and white checker shirt, and a sail boat tie. It is actually sized 3-6 months, but he wore it when he was about 3 weeks old and the neck was quite snug. Will takes after his daddy (check out Jordan's top button on his dress shirt!). I am hoping that it'll still fit him when we want him to wear it this month!
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Our Babies

Will loves Chloe so much that he needed a picture in his coordinating PJs. Chloe already wants to play with Will. Every boy needs a dog.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Will's new cousins

Lucy Mazur
Proud Parents: Kevin and Mary Mazur

Isaac Jacob Coverston
Proud Parents: Amy and Ben Coverston

Emma Nicole Schaefer
Proud Parents: Steve and Jamie Schaefer


It's hard to believe I was pregnant only 5 weeks ago. While I miss having a little one growing inside of me, I definitely love that I can now tie my own shoes, bend over without losing my breath, and wear my old clothes. I am so glad that my pregnancy went so well, and am so grateful for the blessing of being able to conceive Will. Check out the rest of my pregnancy pictures from our photo album!
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Monday, September 3, 2007