Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perkins Breakfast

We had to leave the house for a showing. We went to Perkins for a $3.99 breakfast. Here is Will eating snacks before breakfast.

Here is Will sharing with Grandma...what a sweet boy.

My mom and dad. Notice my dad's nice hair?!?

Jordan and I before the main event.

Do you know any children who will go to extremes to remove food from his/her mouth? WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAIL!
Will was eating snacks before breakfast when he came across a dry animal cookie. Desperate to remove it from his mouth, he instantly started dry heaving. That removed most of the cookie. He waited a minute until we thought that it was safe to move on without holding up his bib and napkins, and then proceeded to projectile vomit across the table. It landed all over the table, high chair, Will, my left arm, and our coats on the floor. GROSS! Needless to say, we had to take our breakfast home. I am slighly irriated with Will about this event. Either he has a VERY sensitive belly OR he learned the quickest way to remove unwanted food from his belly.
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So handsome!

I just love Will's big blue eyes and dark long eyelashes. What a sweet smirk!
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Mr. Mohawk

Side view

Front View
Will's hair is getting quite long...time for a haircut soon! Will still loves tubby time. He especially likes to try to escape the tubby these days, and play "quack quack quack...wheeeee" with his duck as it bounces and then slides down the back of the tub.
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Crazy Sleeper

I found Will sleeping in this weird position...pillow in the middle of the bed, feet over the bumper, head slightly off the pillow, multiple pacifiers. What a life!

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Where is all of our silverware??

There it is!

We found Will in the middle of the kitchen amongst clinging and clanging...

Sassy boy!

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Schaefer Family Movie Night!

Will loves to have a Schaefer Family Movie Night! We break out popcorn, smoothies, and car blanket. Will LOVES popcorn! He munches and munches, dumps some out, and munches some more. It was one of the first things we did to get him to sit and snuggle with us. He also loves Daddy's smoothies. Daddy makes the World's Best Smoothies! Will loves to play car blankie fort. We all hide under the blanket and laugh and giggle. We are hoping Will starts to adore car blanket so it is a good transition from his crib to a big boy bed when it is time to transfer!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

YEAH! He Matched!

As most of you probably know, my dad has been battling cancer since 2002. He has Non-Hodgkins Disease cancer of his lymph nodes and as a result, his blood, too. This last round of treatment was pretty tough on my dad. The most noticeable effects to us were his loss of his hair, his "port" sticking out of his chest where they put the chemo so it wouldn't ruin his veins, and his frequent icy-hot sweats/chills.
My dad has been getting Chemo pretty much every other year since being diagonsed, so this year the doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant. After testing his brother and sister (siblings are the best hope for a match), his brother Dean turned out to be a perfect match! Luckily one of the siblings were, otherwise, he would have had to be in a database search to find a random person who matched! We are so grateful my uncle is agreeing to the procedure. Hopefully this will "cure" my dad's type of cancer!
He is set to have the surgery at the beginning of June. He will be in the hospital for 2-4 weeks pending on the results. From there, he'll have to see the doctor 2-5 times a week until they say otherwise. He will also probably have to take a year off of work for recovery/infection prevention.
I am so thankful for modern medicine! 20 years ago, this would not have been an option for my dad! Today, best case scenario, he could be cancer free!
Please continue to keep my dad in your prayers!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nursey Drama!

Will is now old enough to go to nursey at church during the second and third hour of church. This is great for Jordan and I because now we can enjoy our meetings without having to walk the halls with Will. The second hour, Will gets to play toys with the other kids. Third hour, they have snack, a little lesson, and normally sing songs or color or something. Will has gone pretty much every other week for the last month since every time he goes, he ends up getting sick. :( Notice Will's adorable "Uncle Kevin" clothes?!? Thanks braja and Auntie Mary for the adorable clothes!

The first time Will went, he did very well up until Jordan and I peeked in on him to see how he was doing. When I looked, they were trying to get Will to actually sit on a little chair. He was standing on it and wouldn't bend his knees! It was so funny to watch his leader's patience running thin as she kept calmly telling him to sit down while she pushed his shoulders down! Will does not like to sit! When Jordan peaked 10 minutes later, Will saw him and cried for a while because he wanted to leave. He was sitting in his chair, though! When Jordan picked him up, the nursey leader said she would eventually corale him into submission! That'll be the day!

The second time he went, we did not peak in because she asked us not to. I did hear him cry a little from the next room, but when Jordan picked him up, she said he was fine until a different parent peaked in and he wanted to get out since he saw the door open. She said Will would rather sit on the table instead of coloring. She handed Jordan a blank sheet of paper that Will "colored." Jordan saw other kids' papers and they had two-three different colored markings on them. She also said she might bring her little playground jungle gym for Will. In all her years doing this calling, she never had to bring it in!

The third time he went, I walked by after second hour and heard a kid screaming his lungs bloody-murder. A different parent was peaking in, so I looked over them and asked if that was Will since I didn't see him. The leader said it was and to take him for the rest of the day. He was in hysterics...all blochy, tears streaming down, boogers dripping down, and eyes as wide as a ghost. He only looked like this a few times: When he was first born, and when he was running such a high fever I had to rush him to the doctor. He was obviously very tramatized. I asked what happened, and it was the usual, "he wanted to leave." He got so worked up over it. We'll see what happens this Sunday...let's hope he doesn't get sick this week first! This might end up being a weekly column on our blog!

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New couch!

Well, since we still have no prospect of moving anytime soon, we decided to utilize our newly finished lower level. We just got our new couch a few days ago! This couch is awesome because it reclines on the ends and breaks into five different sections for moving it downstairs! Just what we wanted! It is black leather; we didn't necessarily want black, but it is the only color it came in. We are so happy with leather. We never have to worry about stains or anything spilling. If it does, we just wipe it up and it is gone! We got a new tv for downstairs delivered today, too, but Jordan is in TX this week and I am not allowed to open the box. Now, we just need more kids to fill our house! No news on future baby #2 for those wondering...we are still waiting to be blessed again! I think my brother needs to have a baby before God gives us another so Will can have human cousins on my side of the family! ;)

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Visting the Schaefers in Madison

This past Saturday we went to Madison to visit Jordan's brother and his family. We haven't seen them since Christmas despite several attempts to get together! Josh just had his tonsils and adenoids removed, so he was a little bit down with pain still, but we still wanted to go see everyone! We had a great time and plan to go again in April! Will and Emma had a lot of fun together. They are five weeks apart in age. Emma is soooo adorable...words can't describe what a little sweetheart she is! Here are Will and Emma playing kitchen. Notice Will tuning me out and Emma saying cheese for the camera!

I told you she was cute! Jamie does her hair in little pigtails and I love her little curls in the back. Everything about my little niece is adorable and little! She is so wonderfully snuggly. Will needs to hang around with her more so she rubs off on him!
Will playing kitchen.
Emma skipped her nap since we came when it started. She couldn't make it any longer, so she fell asleep while we played games. It was so cute! Here she is with her mommy, my "big sister" Jamie!

We are playing Taboo. Jordan and I got whooped. We need to work on our communication better, obviously ;)
We also played Settlers of Catan. It is our favorite game. If any of you know how to play it, let us know and we will have you over! I can't remember if Jamie or Steve won, but it was close between them! Jordan and I need more practice! :(

Will and Daddy kinda matched. It was cute. Also cute, when we first got there, Will was actually shy. He normally doesn't care where I take him and he acts like he owns the place. I have seen him getting a little bit more and more shy when we go to other people's houses, but this day, he actually kind of pouted when he got there. Bottom lip sticking out and all. His cousin Jake was very helpful and got him a few trucks to play with. Will is lucky to have such wonderful cousins.

Emma and Will clearly love playing together. After we were there for a little while, the four of us adults and cousins Jake and Josh were on the main floor. Will and Emma were upstairs. We heard Will and Emma laughing pretty hard. Jordan and I ran up there to see what they were doing. It was like they were being tickled or something. We saw them in the boys' room standing on chairs and throwing puzzle pieces onto the floor. They were having such a good time together. Luckily Emma kind of followed Will around so they were always playing together. Will normally doesn't have playmates so he doesn't really know to stay together. They played so nicely sharing toys and stuff.
Here they are saying good bye. We told Emma to give Will a kiss, and she kept trying. Will was tired and wanted to go home, so he kept pushing her away or walking away from her. This was as close as they got. It was so precious to think it almost happened!

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Update on Will

Will is 19 months old and will be going in for his 18 month check-up on Friday. I know he is a month over due, but he was sick pretty much this whole month! We will update his height/weight shortly after for those interested. We think he is growing like a weed! He still LOVES his chuppie (pacifier). We ALMOST broke him of it when he was sick, but as soon as he was feeling a little better, he clinged to it. They are definitely his comfort item.

Will still loves to "help" us vacuum. And by helping, I mean get in the way! No matter what he is doing, if he hears the vacuum turn on, he comes running. Nothing trumps it, not even Super Why! By the way, I absolutely LOVE my Dyson. I don't know how I lived in such filth before it!
He also really likes his rocking horse! I swear one of these days he is going to be bucked off of it head first! He rocks so high and fast that I have to constantly remind him to go slow.

Will's newest favorite thing to do is to be pulled around the house on a blanket. It is adorable to watch! Grandma Schaefer started this new activity and we have her to thank everytime he sees a blanket, he shrieks and jumps on top laughing. If you don't IMMEDIATELY run to him to pull him around the house he flips out. The boy wants to play and he wants to play NOW! He can play this forever.

Another picture of him being pulled around. Look at his smirk!

Will is getting a little bit more snuggly (finally). This mostly happens around bedtime. He'll crawl up on our laps and let us hold him for a little while before squirming away. Last night, I actually was able to hold him without him moving at all for 22 minutes and 19 seconds while we watched a movie on the computer! I was in heaven! In this picture, Will is NOT snuggly...notice him pushing Jordan away?!?

Will has been eating a little better now, too. At least he was before getting so sick. He still favors milk and yogurt above all other foods, but he also likes meat and fruit. Veggies are still thrown far from his high chair. He will eat small pieces of broccoli and spinach when I put them directly in his mouth. But he will not feed himself those things. I recently bought interesting foods for him to try based on what I have seen other kids eat, so I will update later on those things if he likes them!

Will also has discovered "nose." His favorite way to point to nose is by putting his finger as far in it as possible. The other day, he drew blood from my nose!