Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where's Will??

Inspired by Sam and Jenny Bright, we tried to take a video of Will. Jordan and Will were playing Peek a Boo last night, and Will was giggling. It is about 41 seconds long. Now that we kind of understand how to upload video, we'll have more of Will in no time!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Will is almost 4 months!

I cannot believe Will is almost 4 months old! I did not have much time to blog about him this month, but I do have a few pictures added in our photo album of this past month. Check out it!
Will is such a good boy. He loves to play with his activity center everyday. It is so wonderful to me because I can leave him play on the floor for a little while and get things done!

Will also has been using his Bumbo chair. It helps him sit up. He doesn't really like to be in it too long, though. He really has been teething lately. I don't think he'll have teeth any time soon, but his hands are constantly in his mouth and he plays with his tongue a lot. He loves when we rub his bottom gums. Because he has his hands in the mouth a lot, he goes through soooo many bibs due to all the drool.

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Our Birthdays

This year was really fun to celebrate our birthdays. Will turned 3 months on November 1st, I turned 27 years old on November 2nd, and Jordan turned 28 years old on November 3rd. Birthdays in our families are always in a row it seems!! I can't believe that we are a hop, skip, and a jump away from 30 years old. I remember when that seemed so old to me. Who am I kinding? It still does!

Jordan and I went out to dinner on my birthday...it was our first time going out somewhere together without the baby when we could have taken him with us. Grandma and Grandpa Mazur babysat. We were only gone about an hour and we missed him like crazy.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Such a big boy!

Our little baby is turning into such a little boy! He is so big I can hardly remember him being small. While he is only 15 weeks (3.5 months), he just started wearing 6-9 month clothes. The 3-6 month clothes are like spandex on him, and none of the clothes with feet fit his length. He is in size 3 diapers already, too.
He is such a little treasure. He is doing some really neat stuff now. He can hold his own hands, reach for objects and hold them, and play on the floor with his activity center and yank off the chain links. He is doing better with sitting while leaning against furniture or in his Bumbo. He is getting soooo close to rolling over on his own on purpose (he already did twice by accident). He babbles all of the time, and I even think he is teething already. He drools constantly, and tries to stick everything in his mouth, especially his fingers. Sometimes he even gags himself since he sticks the fingers in so deep.
He is such a happy and easy boy. He hardly fusses, and rubs his head when tired. He only wakes up about 2 times a night to eat, and remains "asleep" while he eats. He loves looking at the clock pendulum; it makes him smile so big and he giggles. He actually seeks it out when he is in the living room.
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