Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update on Jordan and Leann!

 We do not take the time to blog about ourselves much since we know you are all interested in Will way more! Jordan: He is now working in Houston, TX every other week. He is home every weekend! We LOVE him home! When Jordan does work in WI, he is working more from home. He figured out how to forward his work phone to his cell phone so it is more possible. When he is home, he likes to play with Will and play his new computer game, Warhammer. {I never thought I'd see the day of a computer game in our home again, but he was awfully convincing that it would not be like before we had Will.} He loves his new job and is company is really good to him. He is anxiously awaiting the sale of our home. We have had a few people look at it, but no takers yet. It is a rough market. His boss implied we may be able to stay longer if we have to take a loss on our house. Jordan also got his first at-home haircut by his new *favorite* stylist! I did a good job for my first real man haircut. We cut Will's hair together, and we also shaved my dad's hair, but Jordan's required a little skill. I made three small gouges around his hair line. His dad did say the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is one week! Sure enough, it looked just fine after a few days. Jordan is enjoying not being a webelos leader any more! He also loves football season.
Leann: I am really enjoying having Jordan home a lot. It is soooo much better than not seeing him for two weeks in a row! I am getting more sleep!! Will is down to nursing only at the 5:30 am feeding. He always wakes up then, and half the time at 3:30 am. We discovered that his lack of sleeping is completely gas related, but we don't know how to fix it! We tried tons of stuff, but alas, some nights are rough! In addition to catching up on sleep, I am catching up on my scrapbooking! I have finished the first eight months of Will's life! Between playing with Will, tidying the house constantly since it is on the market, and scrapbooking, my days are full. We are trying to spend more time with our families. My brother from CA was home for a week and it was so nice to be with him, but we missed his wife!! Another really exciting thing for us is all of the new premiers! We are so excited for our favorite TV shows to have new episodes!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Tooth!

Will cut his first eye tooth yesterday! It is the lower right one. It has been about four months since his front four on top and bottom came in. Pretty soon he'll be able to rip into a piece of steak!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ziegler Park

These videos are dedicated to Daddy! We miss you Jordan!

Here is Will on a slide at the park. He is starting to love going down all by himself!

Will is on the swing in this video. Will is finally liking the swing. He used to tremble when we placed him in it. Jordan can always make Will laugh like crazy! They are having WAY too much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love Jon Stewart!!

Jordan and I saw this episode when we were at the Kalahari a few weeks ago after the Republican Convention. Regardless of your political have to admit, it is dang funny! His team is so good at finding past speeches!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Little Explorer

Will is quite the explorer. Everyday he finds new things that we think are safe to destroy. Recently, he has discovered he can crawl under our end tables. In the process, he can sit up and lift the glass with his head and even pull on the lamp cord on his way out.
One happy boy and two new light bulbs later, we have moved the tables agains the wall so he cannot find as much joy in crawling through them. He now mostly ignores them. What mean parents are we?
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Will Swimming

Here is a video of Will swimming at the campground with my mom and Auntie Katie. Notice how he is starting to move his arms while he is in the water?

Swimming fun

This summer was a lot of fun. We took Will to our family campground a bunch of times to go swimming. He loves the water. They have a fun kid area and a few good water slides for the adults, too! Here are some pictures!
(Blogger only lets me post 4 at a time...does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?)
Will with Grandma Mazur

Will loved the water bubblers

Will and Mommy

Will swimming with Auntie Katie
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Will's First (Belated) Birthday!

Well, it has been about a month and a half since a very important occasion that we have not blogged about: Will’s first birthday. I was waiting until I could transfer all of my pictures from the event to the new computer. Now that it is done, everyone can reminisce about Will’s golden birthday!Friday, August 1st was his birthday. We spent his special day primarily setting up the new computer that was delivered the night before and then preparing for his party on Saturday. We did sing him Happy Birthday ( Nitty Gritty style: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Birthday to you!) when he woke up in the morning instead of the Good Morning song that we usually sing. I think he knew that he was extra special on that day!

On Saturday, we had our families come over for his party! He napped early (11-12:30) and was up in time for presents and cake! He woke up very pleasant was excited to see all of the people here to celebrate his special day! He did not open his own presents which we were slightly disappointed about because he really enjoyed it at Christmas. After presents he got to eat cake. He fussed while trying to yank off his bib, but then loved being sang to. He clapped afterwards and tried his cake. We tried giving him cake in July at the reunion, but he always gagged on it. We were excited when he actually started to eat it! He was pretty neat while eating it. We even gave him a second piece!I actually made his cake! He had a Prince William theme, so naturally he had a crown cake! It was my first time decorating a cake and I learned a lot. Thanks to Auntie Katie for your assistance!

The highlights included:

1. All the family who came to our house! We love to get together with everyone!
2. Uncle Kevin came in from California!
3. Grandpa Mazur gave Will a rocking horse that he made for my dad when my dad was little. Now he passed it on to Will!
4. Uncle Kevin and the Cottage Grove Schaefer Family both got Will his favorite toy: the ball popper!
5. Auntie Laura and Adam bought Will his first pool…and it is cute! Check out the photo album!

We are so grateful for the blessing Will has been in our lives for the last year…okay…13.5 months J He is truly heaven sent and has enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined.

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Let Will Eat Cake!

Yanking off the bib...

Will fussing while putting it back on...

Prince William in his throne...

Yummy Yummy!

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Birthday Invitation

Here was Will's invitation. I had so much fun making them! Click on it to enlarge it!

Here is the photo that we chose for the invitation.

Here is the runner up for the invitation. It is so cute!

We also loved this one. He is showing how old he is on his finger!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hurricane Ike is coming for Jordan! It is a category 2 hurricane, potential to be a category 4 by landfall. It is heading to Houston/Galveston area. They are evacuating everything south of Houston. Houston is right about where the projected path (black line) intersects with the coastline of Texas. Jordan works downtown Houston and his company cancelled work for today after noon and all day tomorrow. They eye of the storm is supposed to hit Friday night. Right now winds are up to 50 mph and could get maximim sustained winds of 150 mph. Jordan was supposed to fly out Friday at 3:30 pm, but moved his flight to today at 6:55 pm. He regrets not taking a earlier flight today. He said traffic is insane (more so than usual) because of the evacuation and what should be an hour drive to the airport is going to be hours. He is leaving work at 11:30 for a 6:55 flight!
I hope he makes it out in time. If not, it'll be a long weekend at the airport if he is not washed away! Maybe now he'll look for a different job in the midwest?? (I love you Jordan!!)

***UPDATED! Jordan did get the earlier flight home today! He is flying standby! ***

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Overly Excited Will

Lately Will has been too excited to even clap! He flaps his arms around and pants instead! He looks so dang cute when he does this!

I Love Will's Laugh!

Hurry Home Daddy! Will misses his Best Friend Daddy.

Will's First Chore!

Here is Will doing his first chore! He loves to help do laundry. When he hears the water running, he comes running! He smacks my legs until I pick him up! He likes to put clothes into the washer, and then splash in the water when the tub is full! He is trying to dive in in this video since the washer is almost full!

Vacuum Predator

Ever since Will could crawl, he has been obsessed with the vacuum. He used to crawl to it and then circle around it before pancing on top of it. Now that he can walk, he still circles the vacuum when it is standing still. When I actually use it, he stands in front of it and follows it throughout the house. Nothing can keep him away! It is so cute! I think he is almost old enough to have him vacuum!

Monday, September 1, 2008

3 Must-See Slide Videos!

Will going down the slide with help from us!

Will going down the slide like they are stairs...listen for the tummy screeching!

And the most fun: Will attempting to go down the slide on his own! It's okay to rewatch it over and over and laugh...we do!

Playtime Fun!

Will loves to climb and play on his slide. He is still learning how to go down the slide by himself, but he has implented many strategies. He can crawl downstairs backwards, so he tries to slide down backwards. He knows when we sit him on the top of the slide, we wiggle his legs to scoot him down, so he moves his legs a little bit. He also sits at the top and bobs up and down.
Check out the cute videos, too! These were taken at the beginning of August-pre haircut!
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