Friday, August 29, 2008

Will Reading

I caught Will reading in his room and took this video from the doorway without him seeing me. He was reading I Love You Through and Through, he recent favorite book! I love how he kisses the picture of the little boy! What a sweetie!

My Book Worm!

Will LOVES to look at his books! His favorite one lately is I Love You Through and Through. I think he loves to look at the little boy in the book. Will goes into his bedroom a lot to pull down books off his bookself and flip through the pages. He loves to be read to, also! Stay tuned for a cute video!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tickle Time with Daddy!

Will has the most awesome contagious laugh! We love to tickle him just to hear it! Eventually he starts to let out high pitch squeals! Will loves to be tickled. Last night he kept crawling in my laugh just so I would toss him around and tickle him! What a fun little boy!
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Reading with Daddy!

Will misses his Daddy so much! This book (You Are My I Love You) is Jordan's favorite book to read with Will before bedtime. Will loves the rhymic words and often gets very droopy when they read it together! Hurry home, Jordan!
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I love these pics!

Our little boy is growing up so fast!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clothes overboard!

Will loves his Tubbytime! When I am filling the tub, he loves to be in the bathroom watching it! I set up all of his toys on the side of the tub and he likes to throw them in. When he runs out of toys, he looks for things in the bathroom to throw in. Normally, while I am getting his towel, lotion, etc. ready, I check in on him a few times and reset up all of the toys so he is not tempted to find other stuff. This time, I was too late! He reached on top of the bathroom counter where I had put his clothes, found his overalls, and sent them overboard. Sassy boy.

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Will's First Haircut!

Before and After

Before and After
Will got his first haircut on Aug. 11th! It was getting way too long in the back and his aunties were harrassing him for having a borderline mullet! The front bangs were also getting into his eyes a little bit, and the sides of his hair were short except right over the ears. We knew it was time. We just purchased a new hair clippers and trimmer for Jordan and used it on Will. I cut the hair in the back while Jordan held him down, and then we switched and he cut the front. Will did not like it. He hates things touching his head and also dislikes hearing noises and not being able to see where it is coming from at all times. So having the clippers touch his head and not being able to have a visual of it was torture for him! He looks so cute now-very much like a little boy instead of my baby.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

WI State Fair

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 6th. It was so much fun! I look forward to going every year! I was especially excited to go this year since I didn't get to go last year because Will was only a few days old. My mom, sister Katelyn, Jordan, Will and I all went. We had beautiful weather! The highlights included:
  • Cheese Curds for Jordan.
  • Jordan going down the big slide for the first time! He admitted it was more intense than it appears!
  • Will having his first real milk! We had strawberry, chocolate, cherry vanilla, and my favorite ROOTBEER! Check out his milk mustache in the above picture!
  • Will seeing different animals.
  • Grandma wearing the WE Energies hat for longer than necessary.
  • Going into the expo center and watching the VitaMix demonstration! It is the world's best blender! We bought one this past year (but at Costco, not the fair).
  • Eating the ice cream sundaes from the Dairy Pavillion.
  • Spending the day outside with our family!

Sadly, we did not buy any cream puffs. We were too full by the end of the day, and the line is always WAY too long! I hope that we can come back each August for the fair! It is in my top 5 things to do each summer!
Check out more pictures in our photo album!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Congrats, Katie Baby!

My littlest sister, Katelyn, got her driver's license on August 7th! We are super excited for her! She did not lose any points on the driving test, and she even had to drive around the van!! Great Job!! See more pictures of Katie in our family photo album!

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I am soooo excited!!

Sorry for the lack of posting for the last month! We have been super busy and we also got a new computer! I have been bummed because all of my pictures are saved to the old computer, and with Jordan out of town, I did not know how to get them onto our new computer without setting up the old one!! I am super excited because after spending about an hour trying to figure out how to get my old picasa pictures onto the new computer, I figured it out! The only problem is that some of the folders I did not make into web albums didn't transfer, like Will's 1st birthday. BUT for the most part, my pictures are saved!! I just have to wait until Jordan comes home to do the rest!
I just had to share my exciting news. For those that know me, constant access to ALL of my pictures is an absolute must!