Monday, June 29, 2009

Will's new tricycle

We found this neat tricycle at a rummage sale. Will doesn't really understand he should be the one riding it, yet, though. Here he is demonstrating what WE should be doing!

I really like this picture! He is getting to be such a little boy.

Look at my BEAUTIFUL (but dead) irises behind Will. They are GIGANTIC! The flowers are done blooming but the leaves are still so huge. I have yet to cut down the dead flowers, but you get the idea. Picture a ton of purple and that was my flowers!

The new usual look I get when I break out the camera. If I am quick, this is what I capture. If I am slower, he is already looking away, like the picutre above. A scrapbooker's dread: an adorable, yet camera-phobic, little guy. tsk tsk tsk.
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Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg

My beautiful blue-eyed boy! He doesn't smile for the camera anymore. It is a plus if he looks at it!

We wanted to go to the festival to mainly try a strawberry brat, but they ran out before we got there. We had nice weather-cooler because it was going to storm soon. We looked at crafts, listened to music, ate a bunch of good food, and even had a super quick trip to one of my fav scrapbook stores. Will's album from 1-2 years is getting too fat and I needed bigger posts! Too short of a trip for me :(

Jordan loves Gyros (pronounced year-os) and Will likes munching on Fruit Loops. Will is not much of an adventurous eater! Will looks like a little gansta in this picture.

I ate a "chocolate kiss" which was a strawberry crepe with creme and chocolate. It was fabulous. Jordan called it a creep.

Here is a little picture of the road. They shutdown all of downtown Cedarburg for the festival. It was quite busy. People love their strawberries!

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Celebrating in style!

June 18, 2009
Our five year wedding anniversary!

We celebrated by going to Eddie Martini's, a FABULOUS restaurant near Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. We also went here for our 2 year anniversary, and have been drooling to come back ever since, but it really is only for special occasions! It is sooooo good!

We forgot to take pictures of our fabulous SEARED TENDERLOIN--sesame-crusted beef napoleon with sweet soyand napa slaw appetizer. It melted in our mouths and looked so fancy.
This was Jordan's BAKED BURGUNDY ONION SOUP. Similar to French Onion soup, but with chicken broth instead of beef and it also had tomato sauce in there. I am not a fan of French onion but LOVED this soup. The melted cheese was too much for me, but Jordan ate it all up!
Next, was FILET MIGNON topped with a homemade onion ring and choice of GARLIC MASHED POTATOES and house specialty CREAMED CORN. They really should rename the corn dish to something much more gourmet, like corn de la creme, because its name does not do the dish justice! It was the best corn I have ever had! The steak and potatoes were awesome! I was so full, I couldn't even eat Jordan's one onion ring and I love onion rings, too!
After dinner, the waiter surprised us with a free cake. He took our picture and printed out a copy for us in a sepia tone and put it in a fun paper frame from the restaurant. All just for celebrating our anniversary with them! Here is a picture he took with our camera so I could have a digital copy! :)

Here is the delicious cake! It was part white cake, part raspberry cheesecake. Not being a fan of cheesecake, I have to say it was soooo good! On the side were whipping cream and strawberries. Drizzled on the bottom was chocolate and vanilla cream. We loved the signature Eddie Martini martini glass in chocolate on the top! Did I mention it was mouth-watering good?!? I don't know how we found the room, but there were no leftovers!
We may conveniently plan coming to WI for future anniversaries after we move just to eat at this restaurant!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our 5th Anniversary!

June 18, 2004
Today is our five-year wedding anniversary. We have been together for 12 years total, so five seems so small to us. However, in these five years we have lived in two cities, held 5 different jobs, had 1 dog and 1 baby, and had 1821 days of bliss.
This year for our anniversary, we are going to dinner tonight at Eddie Martinis for the "best steak of Jordan's life." We are also hoping to head down to the lakefront this weekend where Jordan proposed. We'll look through our wedding scrapbook and watch our wedding video and think about how our wedding day was perfect.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Long awaited short update :)

We have had a crazy busy month with tons of little things! Here is a short version update of some of the more interesting things with more pics to come soon (*hopefully if I can get my act together*).
April: We had a good Easter! We took Will to an egg hunt and he did okay. Didn't quite get the hang of it, yet, but he enjoyed putting the eggs in and out of the basket when we got home!
We also went to Jordan's brother's house for General Conference, where we get to watch our prophet speak to us on TV instead of going to church! We had a lot of fun seeing the family and spending time together playing games and chatting.
We spent any warm weather day at the park so Will could run around and climb. He is so full of energy!
The end of April and beginning of May, I grew more in love with our little family and in awe of Jordan's patience and compassion. I really think there is no other person more perfect for me in the whole wide world. I also had a minor surgery and the rest of the month was more difficult for me. The more fun things in May included:
Getting a new bike trailer and going on the Eisenbahn Trail. We are looking forward to biking to the farmer's market this summer.
Mother's Day
The Jackson Rummage!! Jordan flew home a day early from TX to go with me. We STOCKED UP! We have clothes for Will probably until he is 5 unless he keeps growing like a weed. We also got a few fun toys for him, including a smaller Big Wheel bike to learn how to pedal, a baseball tee toy, a step stool with "Will" on it!, a train set and table, a little car, and puzzles galore.
Going to California to see my brother Kevin, his wife Mary, my doggie niece Lucy, and my Aunt Diane and Uncle Al. We had a really fun time and Will surprising did well on the airplane thanks to the portable DVD player (thanks Dan Dan!). We spent our time in South Lake Tahoe and a night in Sacramento. It is so beautiful in Tahoe! Also beautiful is my brother's house! He and his wife worked hard to upgrade flooring, counters, etc. It looks like a model home with their beautiful decor too! Thanks for having us Aunt Diane and Kevin!
Now it is June! Things this month will include:
Treating Will's ear ache :(
Will's music and rhythm class every Thursday.
Play dates in the park.
Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and a general teaching therapy a few times a month to help Will communicate and cope with his newly discovered Sensory Processing Disorder.
Our 5 year wedding anniversary and 12 year "being in love" anniversary. It is still hard for me to not count those 7 years premarriage!
Father's Day
My Dad's bone marrow transplant next Friday, June 12. Please keep him in your prayers!
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