Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Meeting Uncle Kevin, Auntie Mary and Cousin Lucy

My brother, his wife, and their tiny doggie came to visit from California this weekend. It was their first time meeting Will and our first time meeting Lucy. It was really nice to visit with them. Mary changed her first diaper ever...Kevin was hoping it would make her not want to have children for a while longer, but instead she said she wanted to take him home. I think it is about time Will has some cousins of the human variety on the Mazur side, and my sisters are out of the question to produce some for several more years. The ball falls with you guys, Kevin and Mary! Don't make Will grown up with only animals for cousins like we did!

Natural parents...look how excited they are! Come on braja, children are the best investment. When you are old, they take care of you. That's better than being a millionaire! It's Priceless.

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Will's First Halloween

This being Will's first Halloween, we had to get him a costume! We really liked this lion costume since it feels warm and has an adorable hat and a little tail that sticks out the back (check out the photo album!). Grandma Mazur bought Will his first pumpkin. We slightly considered going Trick or Treating, but figured that no one would believe that our three-month-old could eat candy and they would know that really that it would be the Mommy and Daddy that would get to indulge. Instead, we passed out candy to the neighborhood kiddos while Chloe sat by the door in her Halloween bandana. Will napped the first hour, so even if we DID want to go Trick or Treating, it would have been even tackier to ask for candy for a sleeping infant! Is next year still too early to take Will??

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life as a stay-at-home Mom...

Now that Will is 12 weeks old, I can honestly say that choosing to be a full-time Mom is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I made a lot of really good decisions! While the first three weeks or so was a little difficult for me to get used to, the rest of this time is just flying by. Once my body recuperated from what felt like getting ran over by a semi truck and then backed over again, and I got used to taking three 2-hour naps, I was happy being a mom!

I love being able to be with Will all day long. I thought I would be a little bored being at home since I am used to teaching full time and having two part time jobs on top of that. I am not bored with all of the laundry and housework I get to do. I love cleaning when Will is naping; well, I should say, I love having a clean house and there is always soooo much to clean in my home.
When Will is awake, we fill our time reading books, listening to his crib mobile/moving all around to the music, taking Chloe for walks, visiting the Grandmas, running errands, and learning new things (currently like rolling over or holding rattles). Okay, so much of the time he is awake, I also nurse and change diapers, but hey, that is the nature of my job.
I love being there for all the little moments in Will's life: his first smile, giggle, babble, roll over, etc. I love that he really knows that I am his mommy and that he follows me around the room with his eyes. As much as it kills my husband, I love that he would rather look and smile at me than Jordan when we are both with him (I know I will only be his favorite until he can really play with Daddy! Jordan is everyone's favorite!). I love how he snuggles into me when he is really tired and how hearing my voice calms him down when he is fussy. I would not want to miss these things for the world (or a career).
Being at home is the most rewarding job. While I sometimes wish that I could have a day off, or at least a night off, I know that Jordan, Will and I are establishing a strong foundation on which to build our eternal family.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jordan a vegetarian??

You better watch out for pig poopies hitting you over the head since pigs CAN now fly. Jordan actually just said, "No more meat" at dinner tonight!! I never thought I'd ever hear those words. By Jordan's strick rule, meals in our house have to include meat or cheese, but preferably both. He tried to pawn off his extra chicken on me tonight since he ran out of pasta to go with it. I gave him my left over pasta with my left over chicken, too, and he said the taboo phrase. My ears are still ringing!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tubby Time is #1!

Will absolutely loves Tubby Time! As you can see, he thinks it is #1! I just love that he aways shows a #1 on his fingers! We always play Kenny Loggins' Return to Pooh Corner (the BEST child's CD ever!) while Will is in the tub, and he now recognizes the music. When we start to play the CD, he starts to smile, knowing that his bath awaits him!

Will is all smiles when in his bath tub. He is starting to splash a lot and kick his feet now, too! Tubby Time is the perfect solution to any fussiness that Will has. When he is in meltdown or has cramping, Tubby Time makes everything all better! Hurray to Tubby Time!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cousin Lucy

Will's cousin Lucy graduated from obedience school on Friday, Oct. 5th! She even had a little cap and diploma! Congrats Lucy! We are so proud of you and know that your parents are, too!

After graduation, on Monday, Oct. 8th, Lucy was spayed. Some reward! Hang in there, puppy. Chloe has a matching coned collar, but larger of course!

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Monkey Business

We just love this little sleeper outfit that my brother and his wife sent to us! Since I was born in the year of the monkey and so was my Aunt Diane, she has always given me tons of monkey things. Naturally, when Kevin and Mary found this outfit, they thought of me!
Will is 2 1/2 months old now and out grew all of his 0-3 month clothes since they only go up to 11 lbs, and two weeks ago he was 14 lbs. I didn't think this would fit for a while since it is labeled 6 months (not 3-6 months), but it fits perfectly! He looks so handsome in blue. He is really "all boy!"
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So Strong!

Will is very energetic! He kicks his feet and moves his arms all over the place when on his back...I think that all I have to do is flip him over to his belly, and he will crawl away! He is still much too young to crawl, though.

Will is getting so strong! He can lift his head for a long time when he is on his belly. Sometimes when he is tired of trying so hard, he'll lay his head straight down and rub his nose on his blanket in frustration. He is also really trying to vocalize sounds now. He is constantly making noises, and throws his body around when he wants to go down on the carpet instead of being held.

Will loves Tummy Time and drools a lot while in this position!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2 Months Old!

Will turned two months old yesterday! This time has gone by sooo quickly for us! We went to the pediatrician today for his check up and shots. Last month, Will ranked in at 11 lbs, 1 oz and was 22.5 inches tall. He was in the 85 percentile for both weight and height. This month he ranked in the 93 percentile for both weighing in at 14 lbs, and having a height of 24.5 inches! Our big boy gained 3 lbs and 2 inches in one month! He is a super healthy baby!
He was such a little trooper today. I was so nervous about his shots since I could barely handle watching him getting his foot pricked to check his blood count for jaundice when he was first born. Today he had to get four shots: two in each leg! Jordan came with me today to hold him during the shots just in case I had to leave the room. I managed okay. Will did wonderfully. There were two nurses and they gave a shot in each leg at the same time, and then gave another right after. It went really fast. Will was shocked at the first set of shots, and instantly began to suck on his pacifier to comfort himself, and then really let it out with the second round. At first he began to stick out his bottom lip as to pout, but then held his breath and turned bright red in preparation for his big scream. It was so sad, but we were able to pick him up and comfort him right away. He has been a little droopy today from the Children's Tylenol, but overall very snuggly. I am hoping he sleeps well tonight since he'll probably really be feeling the soreness tomorrow.
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