Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Due: August 25th, 2010!

The new tests only show a vertical line now if you are pregnant, and no line at all if you are not! We had to check the box several times!

Will is going to be a big brother! I am not sure he is ready to advocate his throne as "Mommy's Baby", but he'll always be my baby anyway. We hope that in eight months he'll learn to fall asleep alone at night and learn to stay near us since we won't have extra hands once the baby comes!

We are so thrilled to be blessed with another pregnancy this year. So far, so good. I am feeling pretty good, just tired! The doctors took my blood counts the first few days of this pregnancy to ensure it was growing appropriately, and today we had the ultrasound to see the heartbeat and to date the pregnancy. We both cried when we saw the heart beating. It is such a little half a peanut. We are 6 weeks and a day as of New Year's Eve! We'll probably find out the sex of the baby when it comes time, even though we really liked the surprise from not knowing with Will. We'd miss rummage sale deals if we have a girl. We are all stocked up for a boy since Will and this baby will be only a month apart from their due dates.
Will and #2.1 will be three years and a month apart, depending on when the baby is born! We could have two August birthdays!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas sneak peak!

Jordan and I starting to put our tree, of course to the traditional Clay Aiken Christmas CD. This year we also slipped Josh Groban in. He is too amazing not to! We arranged our living room differently for the first time since we moved here four years ago. We wanted our tree to be in a more prominent spot instead of in a corner where only 1/4 of the tree is visible. More pictures on that later!

Will loved to help put the branches in their places on the tree stand. He was sooo intrigued by the tree this year. He loved to walk up to it and touch it while we set it up. We found it very amusing! We were worried that meant he wouldn't be able to control himself when the whole tree is up and decorated, but so far, so good. He does target a few choice ornaments, though. More on that later, too!
Hey, it is only a sneak peak!
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Falling for Will...

Will enjoyed playing in the leaves so much better this year than he did last. He liked to look at most of the leaves individually, and he liked to just plop himself down on the pile.

He REALLY liked when we threw him in the pile, but we didn't really get that good of a picture of his laughter. It was really cute, though!

My big brother came into town (November), and announced with his wife that they are expecting their first baby! We are super excited for them and "Mini Maz." I think he'll be a great Daddy. He plays so wonderfully with Will everytime he sees him. Congrats Kevin and Mary! They are due May 27th, 2010.

It was so great to have Kevin home from Arizona and also Laura home from college. I miss you guys!

Will hanging out in the yard. He loves to play with his firetruck at Grandma Mazur's house!

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Forgotten Fall pics!

Last time Jordan cut the grass, Will was quite the little helper. He helped Daddy cut the whole back yard! Just another decade and his chore will be "green and clean"! We can't wait!

Doesn't he look like such a big boy?

Video of the boys in action!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pampered Chef Open House & Grand Opening!

Hello Friends and Family!
I am very excited to tell you that I started a part-time business with The Pampered Chef! I love their products so much and have fun going to home shows, so I thought this was a perfect job for me to earn extra money but still be at home taking care of Will. I am having a Grand Opening/Holiday Open House this Saturday and hope you all can make it! While I don't have the inventory to do a "cash and carry," I do own most of the catelog myself and will have the product out for display and use! Along with the wonderful product, I will also be making delicious recipes for sample as well as great gift ideas. Please look over the following information about Saturday!
**Why stand in lines at crazy busy stores? Shop in the comfort of my home!
**Cannot come? Why shop on your feet when you can shop from your seat! Check out my website listed below!
**Orders can be delivered right to your door directly or to your gift recipient for an extra fee!
**Please keep me in mind if you are ever interested in ordering product or having a cooking or catelog show after the holidays!

Holiday Open House

Saturday, Dec. 12
312 Quail Circle
West Bend WI 53095
262.338.0101 home or 414.213.7179 cell

Come for the Grand Opening of my new Pampered Chef business!

*Learn and taste easy delicious holiday recipes perfect for entertaining or just for your family!

*Cooking Demonstrations at 11am and 2pm.

*Free Gift for the first 25 customers!

*Free Gift Wrapping for purchases over $30!

*Free Decorator Bottle Set for purchases over $60!

*10% off all orders before noon!

*Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas! (no cash & carry)

*Chance to Win Raffle Prizes!
(Winners will be drawn 3:30pm. Do not need to be present to win!)
1 Ticket for attending the Open House
1 Ticket for RSVPing to 262-338-0101 or
1 Ticket for every adult friend you bring along
1 Ticket for every $20 you spend!
5 Tickets for booking a catalog or cooking show!

*Call or Email me your order (instead of ordering directly on my website) anytime before Dec. 13th. Any preorders or orders before noon on Dec. 12th will receive 10% off your product order!

*After Dec. 13th, you can also order directly online! Orders can also be shipped directly to you or gift recipient! Thanks!Leann Schaefer
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A conversation with a little cutie!

Tonight, Jordan was feeding Will pasta stuffed with Spinach and cheese. Half way through, Will shouted, "MEAT!"

Jordan responded, "It is wonderful you want meat tonight, but you have this to eat!"

Will declared, "NO! MEAT!"

What a memorable first conversation! I think he actually understood what we were saying and responded accordingly! We laughed for a few minutes afterward! He did get meat. And Daddy got a happy heart.