Monday, November 17, 2008

A little Will update...

After 15 1/2 long months...Will is FINALLY getting a little bit more snuggly! It has been torture for Jordan and me to have a son that pushes away every hug and slaps away every kiss. We are like the snuggle Queen and King, and having an offspring that is NOTHING like us in that way is really hard and slightly ruins our self esteem! We have been inticing him with a weekly Schaefer Family Movie Night. We make smoothies in our VitaMixer and pop popcorn. We curl up to a good movie with Jordan's childhood car blanket, and Will is learning that it is indeed a very snuggly blanket! He comes right over and plops in our laps and indulges in as much popcorn as he can grab in his fist. When he wants some smoothie, he comes over to our laps and opens his mouth like a little bird. It is adorable! He LOVES Schaefer Family Movie Night. As a result, he is learning to sit in our laps without us chasing him and putting him there! He is also learning to sit! He normally prefers standing while watching movies or playing with his toys.
His 15 month check-up went well. He weighs 26 lbs, 6 oz (75%) and is 32.25 inches (82%). His favorite things to do now are: turn light switches on and off while climbing on his rocking chair, go "rocky rocky rock" on his rocking chair, stack cans into a tower, play downstairs on his equipment, "dance dance dance" with his feet (it is so dang cute...we are attempting to get a video), read books in his room, hit the blue copy bottom on our printer so paper moves through the machine, walk with our backscratcher all over the house, put himself in his baby swing, put shapes in his tupperware ball, play with my sizzix machine handle, and get chased all over the house.
He is so fun at this age and actually does stuff to make us laugh. He is adorable. He is started to talk more after about a month strike. His favorite words right now are "no" and "all done". I was hoping his "no no no" phase would have been over since he always said that before the strike, but "no no no" I was wrong!
I can't believe it is almost two years to the day (Nov. 20) that we found out we were pregnant with Will. What a life changing day. We are so grateful for our little treasure. He is growing into an adorable little boy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surprise for Will!

With the cold weather hitting Wisconsin pretty hard last week (of course, as I write this, it is 65* today!), Jordan and I decided we had to do something with our finished basement for Will to keep busy this winter. He is a pretty high-energy kid and keeping him couped up in our house all winter is sure to make him stir-crazy. What to do...what to do?
We decided to move Will's outdoor play toys into our basement! While he was napping, we hard-core cleaned these three toys before bringing them in the house. When he woke up, we took down the baby gate and took video of him finding his basement surprise!
He LOVED it! Will gave a little laugh when he saw his playground and went running for it right away!
Video of Will seeing his surprise!

Here is what the basement looks like.

Will going down the slide! He is sooo happy!

Our super excited Will!

Will and Mommy playing together.

Will loves his new play area. For the first few days, whenever we couldn't find Will right away, we knew he went downstairs. He spent every waking hour down there! He is a great independant player, so this is perfect for him. He can play in his room by reading books, in the living room with his toys, in the kitchen with my pantry or kitchen utensils (and unfortunately, dishwasher buttons), or now in his very own play room in the basement! Everytime he slides down the stairs to go into the basement, we can hear him give a little laugh when he sees his toys!
He loves playing with his tool set, climbing on top of the picnic table and shaking it with his dancing feet, and especially, playing with Daddy. Jordan hides behind the tool set while Will slides down the slide, and then chases him until Will can climb back up the slide stairs. They do this over and over again. Will laughs hysterically. I am sure each time he pees his pants laughing. I am surprised he does not hyperventilate!
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Super Grandparents!

Will with Grandma and Grandpa Mazur.

Will with Grandma and Grandpa Schaefer.

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Halloween: Super Will!

Here is our Super Will! His super hero specialities include: melting hearts, putting smiles on frowning faces, saving candy treats from greedy neighbors, and overall being a super son!

Here is Super Will in his Willmobile on his way to save candy treats from neighbors. He really liked being outside even though it snowed a little in the morning! It was FREEZING!

Will's loot. He only needed to go to three neighbors' houses. He did not really get into Trick or Treating!

Super Will on his way to save the day at Grandma Mazur's house.

See more pictures of Halloween in our family photo album!

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