Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to school....well work, that is!

Well, I officially started working again. I am at Badger Middle School again for one hour a day to teach a Business Education class to two sixth grade classes. I taught this for part of the year last year, so I am pretty much prepared for it. I was hoping not to go back to work now that I have Will, but being offered a one hour a day position is hard to turn down. Will has two loving Grammies who love to see him while I am at work.
It is going very well so far. One of my classes has 18 boys and 7 girls. It is a little crazy in that class. The other class is very very very well behaved in comparison. We already had one of my five days back called off due to cold weather. With the wind chill, Wednesday was at -37 degrees.

It is a little weird to go back to work, and I miss Will like crazy. Today Will was awake for 4.5 hours in the morning. He woke up at 7 am and I left him at 9:30am thinking he'd be asleep by around 10:15, but when I came back at 11, he was wide awake playing with my mom! He was just waiting for me! We stayed and visited for a little while, but he fell asleep before I could pack in him the car seat! He is such a good little boy. He is starting to recognize when I leave the room and come back. He gets so excited to see me when I come to pick him up and it melts my heart.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We've been tagged!

Jamie tagged us, so here are our responses. I'll put mine first, followed by Jordan's responses. And, yes, Jordan is actually participating! I took the "Desert Island" part to mean what five books and movies are my favorite books/movies of all time, whereas Jordan teetered between that and what books/movies would help him live on an island. However, we both did answer the last part as though we are on island.

1. Scriptures
2. Harry Potter 7
3. Harry Potter 6
4. Harry Potter 4
5. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

("This question implies that I know the title of five books")
1. Scriptures
2. Schaefer Family Scrapbooks (specifically Will's and our wedding book)(Leann doesn't need to list these since we'll be on the island together!)
3. Complete Idiot's Guide to Island Survival
4. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis (has not read yet)
5. The BFG by Roald Dahl (one of the only books Jordan ever read)

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
2. LOTR 2
3. The Notebook
4. Evolution
5. Pirates of the Carribean 1

1. Matrix 1
2. Star Wars 4
3. Happy Gilmore
4. The Notebook
5. LOTR 3

(no immediate family allowed)
1. Britney Spears (gagged and boxed up...hey the paparazzi are always following her,I could get off the island!)
2. Hermione Grainger (very smart witch...could apparate us off the island!)
3. Jack Shepard from Lost (Dr. and island survival experience)
4. Thomas S. Monson
5. Karen Urbanek from church (She can make food from anything, probably even sand!)

(no immediate family allowed)
1. Macgyver
2. Chuck Norris
3. Thomas S. Monson
4. Alex Trebek
5. Sean Connery

There you go! We'll tag the Steinhafels and the Brights
(more of our readers need to get their own blogs!! Come on! It is free! Send us an email when you set yours up!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitt Romney - Prank Call from Governor Schwarzenegger

Jordan is obsessed with all things about is his latest highlight of the campaign.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bush Bloopers!

Will's Second Tooth!

This morning Will had his second tooth break through his gums! It is his bottom left center tooth! He was quite fussy for a few days before it came through, but now is so happy and wonderful!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Packers in the playoffs today!

Jordan is soooo excited that the Packers are close to heading to the Super Bowl! All they have to do is win today's game, and they are in! I am sooooo looking forward to football season being over! Having a (wonderful) husband who is completely obsessed with football and fantasy football, and now having a little boy who is following in his Daddy's footsteps, is driving me nuts. Will actually watches the games with Jordan. He is even currently taking a nap so he can be up in a little bit to watch the game!
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Will's tooth

Will got his first tooth about 1.5 weeks ago, and we are finally able to get a somewhat decent picture. It is the white blurry thing above my finger in the second picture. He is such a little muncher. He must be getting is second tooth soon, because he is back to constantly drooling like a faucet. He bites everything he can, and it actually really hurts when he gets a hold of my finger! He is slightly miserable during the day because of his teething and whines unless he can chew on something. Poor little guy!
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Guess who can sit?

Will is sitting all by himself! He has been doing this for about two weeks, with an occasional tipping over! We still put a pillow or something soft around him just in case he does topple over, but he hardly does. He loves to sit now. We have been bracing him up on a pillow at night to help with his congestion, but when he wakes up in the morning, he tries to sit all the way up. He has pretty strong stomach muscles, and always tries to pull into a sitting position when he is laying down on the floor.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will's First Tooth!

Will got his first tooth this past Thursday!! He is five months and one week old! After about two months of non-stop drool, we finally felt his bottom right front tooth! He was really going to town chewing on things, and at one point on Wednesday night, he was chewing on a small ball part of a teething ring so hard to the point of squeeking his gums against the rubber. He now constantly has his fingers in his mouth to feel the new sharp tooth!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Will in his ExerSaucer

Will received his ExerSaucer from Grandma and Grandpa Schaefer on Christmas Eve, but we didn't use it until Christmas Day. He really enjoys being in it! He can turn around 360 degrees in the seat to see everything that is around him. He can bounce up and down since it has springs. He LOVES to rock back and forth going from foot to foot. He can go from a sitting position in the chair to standing all by himself, and he really loves to stand! This is the perfect toy for him! He loves to press the buttons that make noises, to suck on the blue dog, to pick up the phone from the holder, and to reach for the dangling toys. I always thought that toys like this were more for the Mommy to have some time not holding the baby, but he is learning soooo much! In this video, Will just turned five months old. He is rocking back and forth, and having a great time! I rank this toy in my top 3 things to have for Will to play with!