Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 51st (belated) Birthday Dad!

My Dad's typical face when asked to smile nicely...

Happy Birthday Dad! His birthday was April 2nd. I made him a Snicker's Chocolate Cheesecake Pie.

My Mom and Dad
Grandma, Will and Grandpa. Will is wearing his Uncle Kevin sweater (I know Uncle Kevin likes to be mentioned...).

Grandpa opening Will's card...it folded out really big to show how much Will loves Grandpa!

My Dad and I! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

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Get Ready...Get Set...GO!

Will playing with Grammy Pammy

Going down the slide. Will is slowly learning more words. This time, it was "GO." He used to say "go" all of the time, but forgot it over time. He now can say "go" after we say, "get ready, get set..."

Will loves to be pulled around!
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Kissin Cousins!

Will and Emma!
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Madison Zoo trip...

A while ago, Jamie and I took the kiddos to the Madison Vilas Zoo. I never got around to posting the pictures! It was Will's first time at the zoo. It was really fun for me to drive back to Madison and go down the same streets I used to drive to go to my various apartments, etc, since I lived there for five years! Ahhhh, I miss it!
Here is Will in the car. He fell asleep on the way to the zoo for a ten minute nap the whole day. Too much excitement for him!

Here is my nephew Jake.

Here is my nephew Josh.

Here are Will and Emma checking each other out in the stollers.

Since it was March and still rather cold outside, there were not a whole lot of animals outside. These were a few of my favorites!
Here are the penguins. You can also see them swim inside the water from below.

Here are two adorable penquins!

Josh, me and Will.

A lion

Four Wild Things!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It is official!

We just received confirmation that we are able to officially take our house OFF the market! Jordan's bosses supported this decision due to my dad's upcoming bone marrow transplant on June 12! We will now be able to be here to help and support without having the constant threat of showings and offers! They are allowing Jordan to commute to Houston only one week a month instead of two like he has been for the last eight months. They are also allowing us to keep the house off the market until the timing is right for us with my dad's recovery. We will eventually have to move to Houston, especially if Jordan ever wants a promotion, but we will be enjoying our borrowed time with our families until then! I love our house, especially our newly finished lower level so I am THRILLED we are able to stay for possibly a year longer!
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