Friday, August 28, 2009

Today is the day!

Today is my dad's bone marrow transplant! His brother, Uncle Dean, is the donor. My dad was supposed to get this done in June, but was postponed until today. Let's hope that he'll actually get it today and that nothing goes wrong! My dad is 51 years old and has been battling with Non-hodgkins lymphona since 2002. This is his chance to be cancer free or at least keep it at bay for a few years since he has chemo about every other year. My dad has a Hickman's Port placed over his heart. His chemo and the transplant goes directly into his port and his heart pumps it to his different body parts. He will have radiation for the first time today before surgery so the radiation and chemo will kill his old stem cells and bone marrow, and hopefully be in a better position to accept my uncle's stem cells and bone marrow. He could be in the hospital as short as three days and as long as a few months. As soon as he doesn't reject the transplant within the first few days, and he feels good and doesn't have infections, he can move home or to a hospice. He'll probably live at the hospice near Froedert so he can still go to the hospital everyday for check ups since it is so close. Dad will still have to take it easy for about a year to gain strength and avoid infections. He will wipe out his immune system with the transplant and will even have to get immunization shots all over again just like a baby!

We are soooo grateful for my Unlce's willingness to donate his marrow. Uncle Dean's part was pretty painful. He had to take shots to increase his white blood cells so they will have enough to harvest. He also had to give blood that they split into four different machines to get different things from it. Then he had to gave it filtered back into his body. That took about six hours of having thick metal tubes in his arms, like a super IV. If he moved his arms, the tubes could have easily poked a hole in the veins. From the shots and the blood drawn, he is quite sore. We are indescribably thankful Unlce Dean was a match and he conceded!

Good luck today, Dad! Please keep him and our family in your prayers and thoughts. It will be a long recovery road, but a great opportunity Dad could have the surgery.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Pool Fun!

We bought Will this pool at the beginning of summer. He loves it mainly due to two things: one, it has a slide and two, it contains water! He is a total water baby. If there is water, he is in it! Lakes, pools, tubs, sprinklers, etc. We like the pool, too, since it is big enough for all of us to sit in it on a hot day.

Will loves to go down the slide and splash us. He also loves to push his ball down the slide.

What a little stud!
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Belated Father's Day pics!

Looking back, I realized I hardly posted for a few months! Here were some pics of my boys for Father's Day!

Jordan is such a fun daddy. Will adores playing and rough housing with Jordan. They like to play Wii bowling together and jump on the bed. Will also loves when Jordan chases him around the house. Happy belated Father's Day, Jordan! You are a great Daddy! We love you!
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Washington Co Fair

In July, we went to the Washinton Co Fair with the Mom's Club. Will didn't really seem to like it as much as the other kids, but here were a few things we did! Will liked to hang out on the tractors, compliments of Auntie Laura's boyfriend Danny's family business.

I thought Will looked really cute in this one!

Will didn't like the petting zoo. He didn't even try to touch the goats after his goat feeding experience at the zoo the previous week! He is not afraid of the animals, but doesn't like the feel of them.

Okay, I guess I didn't do that good of a job taking interesting pictures! Lesson learned! Here is Will looking at animals from his stroller. That is close enough for my baby! They did have some neat things there. In addition to the different animal tents, they had a few children areas with equipment to play on as well as a fun hands-on area to learn about farming and crops. The food as good as was the company of the Mom's Club :)
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Jordan make super yummy lasagna! Will really likes pastas, so lasagna was no exception! If only he would get better at using a fork! Pasta night=tubby night!

Someone loves lasagna!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Biking with the Burley!

We bought a bike trailer in the spring so we could bike with Will. We love our new Burley Encore trailer. It has tinted window, a sun shade, a rain cover, room for two inside, padded seats, a sippy cup and "roadie" holder for snack to go on the road on each side, room in the mesh for the helmet to stick back into without pushing Will's head forward, and room in the bag for 3 brown grocery bags! It easily converts to a stoller if we remove it from the bike.

Will eating his "roadie" and drinking his juice. Notice we are not even out of the driveway yet!

I think he looks ADORABLE in his helmet! He doesn't mind wearing it since he knows we are going for a ride. And a ride always means going to the park! We have a fabulous trail that used to be a railroad track we can pick up close to our house. It is paved and runs through all of West Bend. It even goes into a different county, but we stay in West Bend.

Wheee!! We love biking! Will even crawls in the Burley when he wants to go for a ride, even if we are going to go in the car! I am so glad we picked one he likes :)
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Music Class

I just realized I hardly posted anything we have done all summer! In June/July, we signed Will up for his first class. It was a music, rhythm and dance class, with emphasis on lap sitting ;). Okay, so it really wasn't supposed to be lap sitting, and someone should have told the instructor! It was a very difficult 6 classes, but luckily Grammy Pammy came to all of them but one, which Grandma Mazur filled in for. Two adults to one squirmy little boy is still a tough ratio! By the end of the course, Will improved, but we still waited a few more sessions to resign him up for this class. He is not taking it again until late fall when it is too cold to play outside.

Here is my little guy. He looks big enough for preschool here :(
In the class, the theme was classical music. We listened to lullabies and old fashioned rhymes while doing movements on our laps (think bouncing him like a horse) as well as played with fun musical instrument toys from Gymboree.

Will's favorite part was the bubbles at the end of the class. Gymboree has a really neat bubble maker and awesome bubble solution. The bubble maker has five holes and blows out tons of tiny bubbles. The bubbles have to be about 80% cornstarch because they do not pop unless by fingers! We bought a set of these bubbles and still found some three days later unpopped!!

While Will made us sweat and got us a little worked up chasing him around and trying to get him to participate in the class like the rest of the kids, it was fun to see him improve and participate when he wanted to! He liked the instruments a lot and we got him some for his birthday, as did the Cottage Grove Schaefers. Hopefully by October, he'll be more excited to go to Music again!
We also signed him up for swim lessons at the Y and at the Rec dept, Oodles of Art, and a Little Movers class at the Y. Here's to "fun" structured classes! Wish us luck!
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Slip and Slide in Action!

Enjoy the video of Will, Tate and Tea in action on the slip and slide!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slippin' and Slidin'

We got a slip and slide for Will's birthday party! It was a big hit! Jordan and Will went down two different ways. Jordan either picked up Will and flung him down the slip and slide or Jordan ran with Will and held his hands down the slide. Will loved it! Here are some fun pictures and a video!

Flinging Will down!

Will running away on his "twinkle toes!" That means he REALLY liked it!

Jordan also helped Marie Matthies on the slip and slide!

Tate running down!
Tea going on the Slip and Slide. She did the graceful knee slide.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Will's 2nd Birthday

Saturday, August 1 was Will's second birthday. We invited mostly family to celebrate with us and Will. Here are some of the people who came:
Grandpa Mazur and Stella. I love this picture of them!
Gpa Monk and Nancy looking through Will's scrapbooks!
"Auntie Lu and Uncle Goo"
Thanks for all of your help Auntie Laura and Danny! We really appreciate all you do for us and all the time you spend with your nephew. It really shows by how much he loves you and loves playing with you!
My Grandma Sommerfelt. She just turned 84 a few days after Will's birthday!
My bf Kristie! I am soooo glad she just happened to be in WI for Will's special day! I miss you so much, Auntie Kristie! ;)
My cousin Amanda and her family. They just moved to West Bend a few months ago!

Lunch buffet: We had build your own subs, hashbrown pots, veggies and dill dip, spinach poppyseed salad, pickles, the best salsa, fruit and jello.

Will eating lunch.

Elmo cupcakes! I love our new cupcake pyramid!
Marie Matthies: so adorable!

We remembered to get a family shot AFTER he already went into the Slip and Slide! He was soaking wet. I made his tee shirt. On the back has his name and a big number two.
After eating lunch, the kids went outside to swim and go on the slip and slide (more on that later!). After being completely soaked, we came in the house to open presents and then have cake. And yes, we did have to strap Will down to open presents. Those who really know Will are smiling right now! :)
Opening gifts with his juice! Gotta have the fluid!
I can't believe my baby is already 2!!! What a big boy!
This was the Elmo cake I made. The cake part was a strawberry jello cake and the frosting was cool whip. I am not a sugary frosting fan, so cool whip is an easy frosting. However, this year, it was awful! The frosting stained hands, the counters, etc. It also tasted bad from the food coloring. It did not taste bad last year, but I will try to find something better for next year! Any good "tried and true" recipes out there?
Here is Will looking slightly mortified as we sang "Happy Birthday."
Will decided to attack the cake as the candles were still on it. He ended up very red and black, but didn't even eat a bite of cake. That doesn't surprise me; he hasn't eaten cake in a measureable quanity since his first birthday! My mom let him out of the high chair looking like this, too. tsk tsk tsk.Kristie started to laugh at my teeth being discolored, but low and behold, hers were also black. She went above and beyond rubbing it in, though!
We actually had to brush our teeth for several minutes to get it off. It was still on the tongues, though! Lesson learned!
We finished off the party with "pin the nose on Elmo."
Happy 2nd Birthday Will! We love you!
Thanks to all those who came/called to help Will have a special day :)
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