Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Come see all of my pictures!

As Will's 6th month of life comes to an end, check out his 6th month album in our family photo album link. There are pictures of him in his crib, eating rice cereal and squash for the first time, eating tags (I think the tags on his toys/pillows are more interesting to him than the toys themselves!) and pictures of our handsome boy being discontent from his new teeth.

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The Spoon Stealer!

This video takes place about 5 minutes since the last video. Will kept trying to steal the spoon from Daddy. After a few attempts, we finally got one on video. He will not misbehave on video, and acts like such a shy little guy when he sees the camera. It is a little hard to actually document how he actually behaves because he acts so differently. He even does this when trying to take his picture! Will tries to feed himself in this video.

Will's First Tasty Food!

Well, we did it! Will finally got a taste of some good food! We gave him some squash today for his first non-rice cereal food. He likes it. This video is of his first couple of bites.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MMM MMM Yuck??

Yesterday Jordan came home from work and told me all about his co-worker, who had a baby girl about a month after we had Will, feeding Isabel peaches. Isabel would take her mom's arm and shove it closer to her face to get the peaches in her mouth quicker! Jordan thought the story was adorable, and can't wait to feed Will the good stuff. We have not fed Will anything besides Rice Cereal thus far. He went on to feed Will a few minutes later, but Will must have figured out we are withholding better food. In this video, he is quite disgusted with the bland cereal he is getting! Time to move on to vegetables, I guess!

Tickle Tickle!

Will is super ticklish! Here is a video of the Sweetie being tortured! Sometimes his laugh is just too adorable, and we can't stop tickling him. This video was taken a few days ago!


This is a video of Will playing Peak-a-boo in our bed. Every morning he helps us make our bed; we put the covers over his head and he yanks them off! This video was taken about a month ago.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Teeth!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately...not much new going on in the winter in Wisconsin (well, at least that Jordan will allow me to talk about).
Will cut his top two teeth two days ago, so the grand total of teeth is now four. The bottom two are quite big now, and easily noticeable in his precious smile. Be careful not to put your finger, nose, ear, etc, anywhere near Will's mouth...he will attack and draw blood!
Will is so awesome. Everyday we can't believe how big he is getting. He is almost 7 months old! He sits very well on his own, blows raspberries (and spits) like crazy, giggles up a storm, smiles all the time, and loves to be snuggled. He is ticklish everywhere! He rolls over now from his belly to his back, and is practicing the other way, but hasn't mastered it. He sticks his bottom in the air when on his belly, so there is hope that he will one day figure out how to crawl! He reaches so far for his toys. He knows how to go from sitting to leaning over on his side, then rolling to his belly, and from there going on his back.
Will eats his rice cereal very nicely, and recently likes his sippy cup with water. His sleeping patterns have reverted...he grunts every two-three hours during the night ever since he has been eating rice cereal. Everyone says that once a baby starts solids, they sleep better. THAT IS A LIE!
We adore Will! Stay tuned for a few videos once my camera is recharged!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

William Eating: Video 2

In this video, Will is nearly done eating. I am feeding him and Jordan is trying to play "Where's Will " to get him to smile, however, he is more interested in eating.

William Eating: Video 1

Jordan is feeding Will. This is within the first minute of Will eating for the first time. We obviously wanted to photograph the moment for the scrapbook first!

Bowl Appetite!

Today was Will's first time eating Rice Cereal. We build his high chair yesterday in preparation for today's meal. He did very well. Jordan got to feed him first since he never gets to feed Will normally.

Will liked it. At first he wanted to eat the spoon rather than the food on it, but he quickly learned that the food was better than just the spoon. He of course got more all over his bib than in his mouth. We started out with 1 TBLS of rice cereal to 4 TBLS of breastmilk. It was quite liquidy still, but we'll thicken it up more as we go.

Our happy boy! He loves to be fed. Check out more photos in our family album under William 6 Months!

Don't you think he'd make a cute Gerber Baby?!?

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Will is 6 Months Old!

Here is a picture of our sweet baby boy when he was born. It is so hard to believe he is already half a year old! When he was born, he weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He now is 20 lbs, 9 oz and 28.5 inches long! In six months he gained 12 lbs and 12 oz, and grew 8 inches. At today's Doctor Appointment, he dropped to the 93 percentile for weight and gained 2 percentile in height to be 97%. He is definitely a big boy. The nurses love his chubby legs to give shots. Today he only had two shots plus a fluid he had to drink. He was so smiley before his shots and fully expected to receive a second dose of shots after the first two, but I think he was pleasantly surprised that it was over after one round. He started to fuss, but then he picked him up, and he was smiling within 30 seconds. The two nurses told him he should milk us for more sympathy, but he is always so good at that for the few days following his appointment.

This is Will tonight. He is always smiling and so happy. He is getting to have a regular bedtime and sleeping through the nights (with about 1-2 nightly reapplications of his pacifier). He now gets to try some rice cereal in his diet, which I am sure he'll love. He is ticklish in about five different places, and still absolutely LOVES playing "Where's Will" with Daddy.
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Tubby Time up in Flames!

As we rushed to prepare Will's tubby before Lost came on tonight, our night became a disaster! Jordan had to type up some reviews for his job, so I was to prepare Will's tubby and give him a bath within 20 minutes before the beginning of our show. I just sanitized our counters and didn't want to lay Will's towels down yet on the somewhat wet counters, so I left all of the tubby stuff piled up in his tubby and put it on our stove top while I quick ran to the bathroom. On my way back, the kitchen was full of smoke and there was an awful odor in the room! I noticed that the hot light was on underneath where Will's tubby was! It was on fire! I quickly removed it and threw it in the sink (where I probably should have put it in the first place) and began to scrape melted plastic off of the burner. Thankfully all that was ruined was the tub and a towel that burned through the tub! All of the stuff smelled like smoke, and we had to actually open our windows to air out the smoke and smell for about 25 minutes. It is currently 11 degrees outside and snowing BURRR!!
Poor Will. He still needed a tubby and now there was only five minutes left until Lost. What is a Mom to do? I had to put him in the big boy tub and miss the first 20 minutes of my FAVORITE show! That's love. I had Jordan watch it to fill me in, but he is not as detailed in the description of what happened as I would prefer him to be. I am hoping for word for word commentary, but he gives me a vague summary of what happened in like one of the storylines! "It's Hurley-centric, and he's crazy in the mental hospital in the future." Gee...I couldn't tell. Oh well, he actually tries to remember things, and I love him for that.
Here is Will in the tub. If you look closely, you can see his bottom two teeth in this picture! He really liked the big boy tub, and I don't think that we will buy a new one since he was pretty much out growing it anyway.

What a cute face! It makes up for missing part of Lost. I always read countless summaries and spoilers about it any way!Tomorrow we are going to the doctor for Will's 6 month appointment! Stay tuned!Check out Will's five month photo album, too!
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