Monday, January 25, 2010

Bubbles in the Tubby!

Warning: Major baby nudity!

Here is a video of Will FINALLY blowing bubbles in the tubby. It seems to have taken forever for him to understand the concept of blowing. Now he can sometimes blow real bubbles with our Gymboree bubble wand!

Here is a video of Will watching the video of him blowing bubbles in the tubby. We liked it since he smiles a lot and repeats the words said in the video.

New sleeping routines...

Gone are the days we used to drive Will around until he fell asleep for a nap. Ever since the late summer, that is the way we have been getting him to fall asleep. It used to work like a charm, but eventually, we'd be driving around for almost 40 minutes sometimes! We decided we'd either let him skip his nap or crash on his own for now on.
And after two weeks of not taking a nap, a miracle occured!

Elmo in Grouchland saved the day! We popped in the movie, put a pillow on the couch, and VIOLA! We came back in the room 10 minutes later to a little napper! Now we play the movie every few days when he think he is tired enough to take a nap. It works about once a week! WOO HOO!
On more sleeping news, guess who goes to bed all by himself, too?
That started about a week ago. He woke up in the middle of the night, and instead of one of us laying with him, we did our nighttime routine and the both us of left the room, mostly shut the door, and then Will said, "Bye! I U!" We said back, "Bye! We love you, too" and then closed the door all the way. He went to bed without crying! We did this the whole week right away and it is working like a charm! The only problem is we are all supposed to go to IL with Jordan at the end of this week for a work conference. I am very hesitant to go now that he is establishing his own sleeping routine! What to do!?!?
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Let it Snow!

Getting all bundled up! We had to get 4T snowpants for Will this year just for length!
Daddy and Will getting ready to go outside to shovel and play in the falling snow! This was Will's first time out in the snow this has been really really cold!
Will is too big for the sled Great Grandpa Mazur bought him! We ended up getting a much bigger sled from my parents when we took him sledding...more on that later!
Will had a hard time walking around in the snow. He kept having to bend over on all fours to balance himself, but then he couldn't stand back up! It was really cute to watch!

Daddy taking Will out in the snow. Will loved falling into the cushy piles of snow!

By the time the driveway was plowed, Will found his car that he likes to ride down the sidewalks in the summer. We let him ride down our driveway and crash into the snow. He had such a fun time outside playing. This boy is ready for park days and green grass to run around! The hardest part was getting him to go back in the house, but he was so cold!
Rosey cheeks=going inside for hot cocoa!

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On our way to a minivan!

We recently sold our dark Toyota Camry on Craiglist. It was our first time using Craiglists to sell, and it worked out really nice! There were no costs to sell the car!
Meanwhile, we still only have our light Toyota Camry. We are using only the one car for a while until we save up enough money to get the minivan. We are looking at either the Toyota Sienna (I LOVE TOYOTAS!) or the Honda Odyssey. Having one car is working out well mainly since Jordan is a total homebody. Another 6 months and we'll be toting two babies around town!
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