Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Camera!!

So, I have been QUITE behind in blogging lately, mainly because 1. I have been lazy and 2. I got an awesome new camera for Christmas (thanks to my wonderful wonderful wonderful husband. Did I mention how wonderful he is?) that I am slowly learning how to use. I have taken almost 500 pictures with it since blogging last, so I feel a little overwhelmed now with what to update on. Today I am uploading them and, hopefully within the next two days, putting all of them in my web album so you can browse through our last few months.
Things I LOVE about my new rebel:
1. It INSTANTLY takes a picture. I can capture Will's sweet faces immediatly before he no longer decides he is interested in cooperating. This leads to happier holidays and events. Gone are the days I went into Mommy Meltdown because I couldn't capture a decent picture for the scrapbook!
2. I can take a ton of pictures at a time by holding down the button. This also supports reason #1.
3. The picture is beautiful. The lighting, blurred backgrounds, etc. is exactly what I always wanted!
4. It has a Complete Idiot's Guide book (thanks Kevin!) for easier learning.
5. It has all these special features and icons for how to take the best picture in any circumstance.
6. I have a GIGANTIC memory card.
7. It has a camera strap.
8. I have a great zoom lens and have options to get even more.
9. I feel like a professional!
10. Did I mention no more Mommy Meltdows? The hardest thing for a scrapbooker is to have a child who is anti the camera.


The Paczesny Family said...

Also jealous of this camera! I've been trying to get a good shot of Nathan for his birthday invitation and by the time our camera takes the picture, he's looking away or has his eyes closed!!

The Schaefers said...

That is the #1 reason Jordan had mercy on me and got it for me!!!!
It is totally worth it! I was a little upset he spent so much money without discussing it with me, but I LOVE my new camera too much to complain!