Thursday, April 8, 2010

Milwaukee Zoo day!

Last week we were having BEAUTIFUL weather, so two girlfriends from my MOMS club and I took the kids to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day, but almost got too hot by the end of the time we were there. Will did fairly well at the Zoo. I was nervous since the ratio of kids to adults was 5:3, but with the other two super Moms, I felt supported. Will is quite the handful! While the other kids were looking attentively at the animals, Will just wanted to run and open/close the doors leading in and out of buildings. I don't really blame him; animals at the zoo don't really do anything. They seem bored themselves!

Here is our group~Stephanie is pushing the double stoller with her nephew in the back and Will in the front. Connor, Mason and Ashley are walking as nice as can be while Kajja is pushing one of two double wagons.

The line was too long to wait to go on the train, so we put all the kids on the Carousel. It was Will's first time, and he LOVED it! He especially loved going up and down while looking at himself in the mirrors. When I tried to get him off, he ran in and out of the horses so I couldn't grab him to remove him. We were the last ones out of the gate :(

We had a great time with our friends! I can't image how hot it'll feel to me this summer being so pregnant when the beginning of April felt too hot. Will even had a bright red face and was sweating all day. I think it got to be 85 degrees. Today it is snowing, though...gotta love WI!
Check out the web album on the side for more zoo pics!
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auntie laura said...

I LOVE the zoo!! They're having a cystic fibrosis walk at the zoo on May 16th - would you want to go with me?

Pammy said...

Cute! Glad he loved the carousel!

Jenny said...

Will is getting huge! What a cute little man. Be ready for a big AC bill this summer!! You can do it! Will is going to love a new little friend:)