Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mary's Baby Shower

My sister-in-law Mary came in from AZ for her baby showers at the end of March. It was soooo great to see her and my braja and her big ol' belly ;) Needless to say, I am THRILLED they are having a baby! It'll be so nice for Will and his little sister to have a cousin! They are due May 27th. I am due August 25th, so the babies will be pretty close in age! I love this picture of us being pregnant together! Both of my pregnancies have been shared by my sisters-law. My first with Jordan's two sisters and my this one with Miss Mary!

Here is a picture of the "Mazur" girls!

The shower was really nice. We had a nice turn out of family and family friends to see Kevin and Mary. My mom took a lot of care with making cute decorations: The clothes line, the three-tiered cake with bear on top that was filled with baby stuff, favors, etc. See the Web Albums on the side for more pictures. Blogger has only been letting me upload 4 pictures. Does anyone know a way around this?
We played a few games: baby word scramble, baby nursery rhyme challenge, name the baby using letters from the parent's name, and Double Prices from the Price is Right. All games were really fun and Kevin and Mary did a great job winning extra gifts!

Here is the future Mommy and Daddy-to-be! Congrats! We love you guys so much!
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auntie laura said...

I like the picture of the four of us sisters! - It's not too often we all get to be together!

I love the belly picture, too!

auntie laura said...

haha - i just looked at the family photo album. mary's faces in some of our "sister pictures" are priceless! you definitely picked the best picture to put up :)

i'm coming home sunday! and i need to make thank you cards!

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Leann & Jordan,
Hi, I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and wanted to say HI! Send me an email (, I'd love to be able to share Chloe updates with you.
Anne, Ken, & Chloe