Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We took Will to his second annual Easter Egg Hunt in Jackson at the end of March. Being a little older than last year, we thought he would enjoy it more this year and behave. But, still being the sweet Will we all know and love, he didn't. He didn't want to wait around to start the hunt, so Jordan put him on the shoulders. As you can see, it was still tough getting him to wait. He wanted to go play on the playground instead.

Will actually did do better putting the eggs in the basket. He wouldn't hold the basket, but we placed it down in the middle of a pile of eggs, and he went to town. We still bought along extra ones from home so he would have a chance to keep picking up eggs, but he did well enough with the ones provided. He got seven eggs.

After we picked up our prizes, we attempted the picture with the Easter Bunny. Same result as last year, but still fun to look at!

At least the Easter Bunny was smiling!
Of course, within this next year, we will still hold out hope for the 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt! He has to do better, eventually, right?!?
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Uncle Kevin said...

Hilarious! I don't know who I feel more sorry for, Will or the Wabbit =)