Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mother's Day

This is me and my baby girl in May, around 25 weeks. Getting bigger each week! I measured almost 28 cm at my 26 week mark when I went to the doctor. Maybe this means the baby will come either early or on time instead of having to evict her?!?

After a few mommy meltdows before church because Will would not cooperate to take a picture on Mother's Day with me using my subpar old camera, he surprised me after church with two (out of 50ish) cute ones! YEAH! Happy Mother's Day to me!

We spent the day at church, and then had Jordan's parents over for a super yummy dinner. We later visited my Grandma and Aunt Kathy for about an hour. That was the day! One of these days, I think it would be fun to be pampered myself. Maybe when I am a grandma? Jordan built my WONDERFUL storage shelves for an early Mother's Day present. More pictures on that to follow!
Here are my favorite reasons I am a mom, in no particular order:
*I get to have Will in my life!!
*Being someone's favorite person is a wonderful feeling
*Knowing I am responsible for someone else's well-being and survival is an awesome responsiblity and
*It helps me be more selfless
*Heavenly Father finally found a lasting way to teach me patience
*Hearing "mommy" makes my heart melt, especially since we don't take any spoken words for granted
*I met a great group of girlfriends from my MOMS club that I enjoy seeing all the time
*Having a child helps me better understand the awesome love Heavenly Father and Jesus have for each one of us-I could never sacrifice my son for anyone
*Having a child with special needs really helps me understand the enabling power of the Atonement. I could never do it on my own without the strength of the Lord
*I am learning to be more relaxed for the first time in a decade since I am not in control of Will and I really must choose my battles
*My relationship with my wonderful husband has exponentially increased as I watch him become the best father anyone could ask for

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day, too!
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auntie laura said...

you look really pretty in all of these pictures! :)

braja said...

I love your favorite list for being a mom, so very touching!

Redd Family said...

Beautiful words Leann - made me cry! :)