Thursday, June 3, 2010


So, as always, I am a little behind on the blogging! ;)
Here is me and my baby girl in at the beginning of April, around 21 weeks. I am showing much earlier and larger this time around. I constantly get comments about "being ready to pop" when in reality, I have quite some time left. Makes a girl feel really pretty, ya know? I actually don't mind all that much because having a(nother) baby is a blessing that I'll never take for granted. I don't care what I have to go through to experience it! My pregnancy this time around is almost as nice as Will's was. I am a little more tired/exhausted mainly due to having to chase around Will this time around, and I am a little more achy, especially at night. Again, it's probably from the added weight and from being exhausted all day having an almost three year old!

Here is my sweet sweet boy! Isn't this such a nice picture? I just loved my new camera while it lasted. Will is looking and smiling, but like all wonderful things, they must come to an end.
At the end of April, Will decided to chuck my brand new, very expensive camera down the stairs. It was not in his reach, but it was also not in the bag since I used it so often. He is my little mission man: If he wants it, it will be his! Who could blame him! All the fun buttons and flash, seeing adorable pictures of himself with the review setting: It's enough to make me want it, too! Probably not being able to turn it on was enough reason to see if it was more fun tumbling downstairs.
After my mommy meltdown about how Will only destroys my things and never Jordan's, we tested it out and sure enough, it had to be repaired. It is currently being serviced, so let's hope it can be fixed for less than buying a new one! Deep breaths and constantly repeating, "I love Will, I wanted Will, I love Will, I don't want to throw Will down the stairs because I love Will" helped a lot through this process. One day he'll understand rules and directions, right?!?

One of my most treasured time of day is tucking Will in. He is such a trooper going to bed. We used to dread it and fight with him, but now he just hops right in after getting jammies on and brushing his teeth. We put on a nighttime diaper, tuck him under the blankets, he picks out a "pootie" from his stash, we say prayers and get kisses (complete with audiable "Mu-ahhhss). We shut the door mostly, and peak our heads through. He says, "bye." We say, "bye." He says, "I YOU." We say, "I love you, too," close the door, and he is out for the count! We are now getting him to fall asleep with his Blue's Clues dog in hopes of creating a new comfort toy so he can move past the pacifier. It has been the only thing his little guy has developed an attachment to, so it is extra hard just taking it away. Doesn't he look like an angel? One that would never ever chuck my camera down the stairs?
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braja said...

Oh Lee Lee! Such a sassy Will!! Your story made me laugh, as I could picture you chanting in my head.

Redd Family said...

You are a wonderful mother Leann!