Thursday, June 3, 2010

My boys!

This last few weeks have been really fun for me. I get to see Will develop an attachment to a stuffed toy for the first time ever-Blue. And for the third time ever, he fell asleep on the floor! Unfortunately, this time it was around 4:30pm. He just couldn't hold out any longer after refusing to nap earlier in the afternoon.

SOOOO Sweet! Kisses for Blue!

In addition to Will forming an attachment to a character on a movie, my husband also found an obsession based on a character in a movie: Tony Sparks from Iron Man. For some reason, my Dear Husband is obsessed with shaping his facial hair in fun ways. The latest is the Iron Man look. Notice the thinner mustache that doesn't quite touch the goatee? The edges of each are angled slightly. Also, the soul patch is in the shape of an hour glass instead of like a rectangle. I think it looks very similar Jordan's regular goatee, but this new look makes me laugh a little inside. Only my Jordan would think to even attempt to do this. He is soooo sad no one has "noticed" and he has had it for a few weeks. I wonder if people really do notice and are too nice to say anything. At least it is not the Colonel Sanders look! I love you Jordan!
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Mike and Jenny said...

You look amazing! And Jordan's facial hair is cool too.

Braja said...

What's that I hear? Is that the phone ringing?? I can't believe it, GQ is calling!