Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our 6 year anniversary!

For our 6th year wedding anniversary, Jordan and I went to Benihana's Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. I haven't been there before, and Jordan hadn't been there since he was around 12 years old. It was a neat experience. Eight people sit around a grill and a cook comes to cook just for us. The other people we had at our table included a couple celebrating their 44th anniversary and four of their kids, one of which was pregnant, too! It was fun chatting with them and watching our food being cooked right in front of us.

The cook created our chicken fried rice in the shape of a heart...awww....

Jordan and I ate the chicken/tenderloin filet special. The food was so yummy!

Here is my food-no need for forks or knives since everything was in bite-sized pieces.
Overall, we had a lot of fun and ate some yummy food. Maybe one of these years, we will be able to go away for the weekend just the two of us! I am hoping in 2012!


Laura said...

glad you guys had a good anniversary! the pictures you posted aren't showing up on my computer :(

Delli said...

Congratulations on six years!

BTW - I can't see the pictures either. :(

Redd Family said...

Wanna see pics!! Happy Anniversary!